In case you were concerned

My mother is home, she’s getting visits from nurses and therapists almost every day, and while she’s looking pretty frail and is dependent on supplemental oxygen, she has her good days when she gets lively and actually manages to stand up and walk on her own. Fortunately, my sister is retired and lives with her full time so Mom has a lot of local support.

I’m confident enough that I’m taking off today to visit my grandson in Tacoma for a bit, and also, ugh, attend a faculty meeting over zoom this morning. I can’t escape.


  1. Jazzlet says

    Good to hear indeed, I am glad your sister is able to be there for your mom, and that she is getting help to do so. Sorry about the zoom meeting, but enjoy your trip to Tacoma!

  2. magistramarla says

    My daughter lives near Tacoma. I haven’t visited since they moved there, but I’m looking forward to it.
    The pictures of the views from her house that she sends me are spectacular.