Are all TERFs this stupid?

The common prefix “trans” seems to discombobulate them. Here’s a cis woman who mentioned she’s getting a trans vaginal ultrasound, outraging the usual mob of baying buffoons:

Are we really expected to take these ignorant clowns seriously?


  1. drickard says

    Are all TERFs this stupid?
    Yes. This has been another simple answer to a silly question.

  2. says

    It’s why they constantly blart about ‘it’s simple biology!’ Because any biology more complex than a primary school understanding is beyond them

  3. Artor says

    This is a level of stupid normally reserved for Ray Comfort getting butthurt over being called a Bibliophile.

  4. wzrd1 says

    @ 2, well, they get it partially right, but what they’re mispronouncing is “simpleton biology”.
    For anyone wanting to blather “simple biology”, I’ll happily describe cortisol, what systems it interacts with and how, in eye glazing detail. Then, gently remind them, that’s only one hormone, there are just a wee few others.
    Like oh, how testosterone is used to make estrogen…

  5. sqlrob says

    You could have some fun with that. Remind them that it was a required procedure in TX f you wanted an abortion.

  6. Artor says

    This is a level of stupid normally reserved for Ray Comfort getting verklempt over being called a Bibliophile.

  7. cartomancer says

    I sometimes think we should have a proficiency exam in the English language before someone is allowed to use it.

  8. robro says

    Notice that the first TERF is a woman. You would think she would know what a transvaginal ultrasound is.

    Will the TERFs get upset if I post that my car needs a transmission repair?

  9. wzrd1 says

    Well, there is worse things to get, ultrasound wise. Such as transesophageal ultrasound.
    With those, I’d have to worry if I’m going to find something funny inserted into my wallet. The worrying part being, I don’t carry a wallet. Then, have to find my own pants and wonder why they thought it a good idea to leave someone that stoned wandering around unsupervised.

    The worst part is, I was away and that actually happened to my wife. She found herself becoming AAOx3 literally in the middle of the street in front of the hospital. That hospital being infamous for malpractice, but being closest.

  10. billseymour says

    A few years ago, I had a transurethral resection of the prostate.  As near as I can tell, I’m still a cis, het, white, male boomer.

  11. says

    @9 robro said: Will the TERFs get upset if I post that my car needs a transmission repair?
    I reply: of course they will. I just hope you don’t post that it is an automatic transmission. If you do, the TERF’s will hunt you down for being a woke, shiftless troublemaker.

  12. says

    Let’s not forget transonic. I guess some of them won’t be able to fly on airlines, since jet airliners are engineered to operate in the transonic speed range.

  13. robro says

    shermanji @ #12 — I think they’re already onto me. I said something, somewhere about Cis-Alpine vis-à-vis Trans-Alpine and there were roars of indignation.

  14. brucej says

    I’m minded of the morons in the UK who attacked a paediatrician because they thought it meant that he was a paedophile.

  15. tedw says

    Wait till they find out about cis- and trans- molecules. Organic chemistry is woke!

  16. Ada Christine says

    with all seriousness

    yes they fucking are this stupid

    they hate us and their hate not only clouds their judgement but their capacity for reasoning

    it’s really not funny, though

    (ok it is a little funny)

  17. robro says

    Ada Christine @ #21 — You’re right. Hate isn’t funny. Their stupidity is a little amusing and there’s some pleasure in poking fun at that stupidity. Satire will not divert anything, tho. As I understand it…probably based mostly on my own poor impressions of Isherwood’s stories and somewhat Brecht/Weill story…pre-War Berlin was full of people on stage poking fun at the ludicrous poppycock of the Nazis. Hell, some Nazis sat in the audiences laughing at themselves. But all the satire in the world didn’t stop what was coming. Eventually the humorists either toed-the-line, fled, or died.

  18. Alan G. Humphrey says

    Transport, a verb meaning to move a variety of wine from one sphere of existence to the sphere of human divine biology*…

    …while transubstantiation shows that Catholics prefer multisyllabic words for obfuscatory reasons.

    Note: religious bovinical faeces

  19. raven says

    Is this why they hate transparency in governmental organizations?

    Or do they just hate windows?

  20. Timothy Hamilton says

    Hmm. I wonder what TERFs might might make of a transcendence, divine and otherwise?

  21. jasonfailes says

    @9 robro said: “Will the TERFs get upset if I post that my car needs a transmission repair?”

    There’s room for all the trans missions in the Gay Agenda.

  22. John Morales says

    The error is clearly
    (a trans) (vaginal ultrasound)
    (a trans vaginal) (ultrasound)

    In short, words which begin with ‘trans’ (e.g. transmission, transcendence, etc) don’t fit the pattern and are therefore not particularly potent jibes.

    (Not a trans mission or a trans cendence)

  23. robro says

    John Morales @#29 — My dictionary spells it “transvaginal”. Cleveland Clinic spells it “transvaginal ultrasound.” So we’re reasonably close to the pattern.

  24. John Morales says

    Not just your dictionary, robro, or some clinic.
    The tweet that occasioned this stupidity did as well, as featured in the OP.

    I think that was part of PZ’s mockery, the change from ‘transvaginal’ to ‘trans vaginal’.

    That’s the pattern — the separation of the prefix into an auxiliary term (modal verb) instead. I alluded to it in the closing parenthetical.

  25. chrislawson says

    Not all TERFs are this stupid, but like the alt-right, they are happy to spread misinformation that stupid people will act on. Stochastic terrorism and all that.

  26. wzrd1 says

    So, they’d reject a transfusion and bleed out.
    Then, rejecting transubstantiation, refuse last rites and go to hell.
    But, why are they posting on computers that are rife in transistors?
    I’m positively transfixed by the level of inanity displayed by their willful insanity.

    But, they’ll end up homeless and victimized by their transmogrified non-support system, as property needs to be transferred to them to be owned. Leaving them transients.
    To be transferred to prison. Or transectioned by police gunfire.

  27. wzrd1 says

    OT, but loosely transposted from Infinite.
    Maui is cut off from comms and transportation, but at last report, hospitals were overflowing with burn victims. That means, they’ll swiftly run out of IV solutions, dressings, sterile surgical supplies, pain medications and antibiotics. But, one upside to the location is, we do have a rather generous naval fleet or so at Pearl, which can float supplies, evacuated injured (if likely necessary, to the mainland much more rapidly than the nothing in place currently) and reestablish communications with civil authorities on the island.

    Fires at this scale are firestorms, they literally generate their own weather and it’s hellish weather at that. But, firestorms that go urban are pure, distilled fucking nightmares from the veritable pits of hell itself. We’re talking hurricane winds that’ll literally pull firefighters off of their feet and straight into the heart of the inferno.
    When you hear that people are jumping into the ocean to escape the fires, it’s not just ugly, it’s fugly.
    And the Navy, much like well, all branches of our Armed Forces, loves a helping people out peacetime mission.
    Given the gravity of the mess, I’d even keep fast movers for any carriers sent ashore, pitch tentage on tiedowns and use the carriers as gigantic hospital city ships. They’re rather likely to still outrace a hurricane that’s 700+ miles away. And are frequently referred to as floating cities for a damned good reason.
    Defense logistics can trivially handle the load quickly. Trust me, I had to support one of their logicistics centers operations center and SCIF. Here in Pennsylvania, when Maria hit Puerto Rico, they were in the operations center and busily monitoring and cataloging needs, ready to send help, which was sent. DLA supplied most of the electrical grid equipment needed to restore power, once the political gridlock was overcome.
    And a joy, a military type situation, not requiring weapons.

  28. ramenjunkie says

    Even if this was some sort of trans specific procedure, do these people think all doctors are just, interchangeable? Like this person getting this scan is stopping “people in pain” from getting help? Donthey think this vagina scanning doctor would instead be trating bullet woulds in the ER or something?

  29. John Morales says

    wzrd1, whatever makes you emulate those who put news snippets in topical threads? OT indeed.

    Maui is cut off from comms and transportation, but at last report [blah]

    So you don’t know the situation as it trans pyres.

    (No trans portation!)

  30. jrkrideau says

    @17 brucej
    I think it was worse as IRC the doctor was a woman.
    @ PZ
    Are we really expected to take these ignorant clowns seriously?
    In the USA, yes these clowns kill people. In the rest of the world, maybe yes, maybe no.

  31. robro says

    John Morales @ #33 — Well so it is. That’s the second time today I have missed a detail.

  32. Grace says

    Mars, in the image:
    “…to make a literal wound that you can’t let heal. Btw you’ll smell of faeces for the rest of your life. In what world is this procedure not totally insane?”

    I’ve never understood this lie in particular. Of course the procedure, as described, is totally insane… which is why it’s not true, because nobody would do that. There is no such thing as surgery without risk, and of course there are occasional bad outcomes. But if what he describes were the inevitable outcome, or even the likely outcome… no one would do that.

    What kind of person listens to a description which is that horrific and instead of saying, “Hang on, something doesn’t seem right, here” goes with, “That’s obviously true and the people who do that are batshit crazy!”?

    The reality, of course, which anyone can find out for free with a bit of effort, is that vaginoplasty has a healing process, like any surgery. Much like a pierced ear but on a larger scale, you have to keep things squared away while they heal. For a knee replacement, that means wearing a brace for weeks and then progressive physical therapy, followed by lifelong maintenance and athletic limitations. For a third-degree burn, you have to scrub it out, horrifically painfully, repeatedly, until it reaches a certain stage of the healing process. For a pierced ear, that means turning the piercing and putting a mild antiseptic on it, and keeping the piercing in place for at least several weeks. For vaginoplasty, it involves irrigating for a period with an antibiotic solution, and using a stent to dilate on schedule with gradually increasing intervals until things heal, keeping scar tissue from contracting such that it ruins the result.

    It’s painstaking, but conceptually it’s perfectly straightforward. Once the healing process is over, presuming the usual result, everything works fine, and it smells like a vagina. And vaginoplasty has regret rate far lower than basically any other surgery, including knee replacements.

    I know, I know, it’s what they want to believe, because it supports their priors and their bigotries and all that. It just makes me shake my head. It’s so hateful and nonsensical.


  33. anat says

    jrkrideau @38: How does the gender of the doctor matter? There are pediatricians of all genders, there are pedophiles of all genders.

  34. sparc says

    I wonder how these crazies will react when they find out that there is something like trans-rectal ultrasound that may be applied to check their swallen prostates.

  35. Ada Christine says

    @John it wasn’t that funny i’ll admit.

    i’m very lucky–i won’t deny–that i live in a place where the climate of hostility toward LGBTQIA+ people in general and transgender people specifically isn’t so heated. there are individuals and a couple of small groups, but most people regard them as fringe agitators. however, i’m still sick, angry and tired all the time and scared for my queer siblings elsewhere in the world in places where the climate of hatred is feverish and constantly growing more dangerous. i’m also worried that my peaceful little home could turn more hostile without warning. it’s not historically unprecedented. it doesn’t help that being loudly bigoted on the internet is easily amplified by a concomitant claim of being “censored” or “silenced” for speaking “truths”. my undying contempt goes toward the people who profit from this behavior.

  36. says

    Gotta say that these threads used to be filled with the rantings of a TERF or two defending their righteous crusade, crying CONTEXT and letting slip the hounds of bigotry.

    I’m quite glad the trend has lessened in this corner of the internet. I mean, I’m sure they’re still doing it all over the place, but it’s nice that we’ve managed to beat back the infestation.

  37. wzrd1 says

    ramenjunkie @ 37, scan US media, all doctors are interchangeable. A gastric surgeon will routinely perform advanced neurosurgery successfully in mass entertainment shows.
    See The Professor of Gilligan’s Island, where a college professor knows, well, everything but how to get off of the fucking island where he could gin up an electron microscope from a sparkplug and coconut.
    Yeah, not even wrong.

    John Morales @ 38, so, the trans position of fecal matter into the cranial cavity is of no concern. Physicists are gravely concerned for a good reason, as such targeted trans location of matter over such a great distance is both concerning, due to preferential targeting and very valid threat that it presents.
    Trans forming operational brains into trans formed shit for brains.

    @et al, “It’s a US problem”, another not even wrong statement.
    Right or wrong, a large part of the world follows the US in policies and the rest, justify oppression on the same grounds.
    We’re a shining lighthouse for the world, guiding all straight into the fucking rocks.

  38. Jazzlet says

    @et al, “It’s a US problem”, another not even wrong statement.
    Right or wrong, a large part of the world follows the US in policies and the rest, justify oppression on the same grounds.
    We’re a shining lighthouse for the world, guiding all straight into the fucking rocks.

    Too fucking true.

    But it’s been a problem in the UK for a while, as the confusion of paediatrician and pedophile shows.

  39. says

    I noticed. Remember that troll who kept saying that they were “called transphobic” all because they didn’t want to sleep with trans people? And then how it took them like two comments to drop the mask?

  40. Silentbob says

    @ 44 StevoR

    The TERF’s confusion over prefixes really is beyond the Pale..

    So you’re saying it’s transPale, not cisPale?