It’s EcoStation day!

I’m taking my students on a field trip to the UMM EcoStation this morning. It’s a relatively perfect day: temperature will be in the low 20s (C; 70s F) and a bit cloudy, so cool. Unfortunately…97% humidity? It’s perfect spider weather, anyway. We’ll just wander around a bit, see what we can see, maybe find some interesting spiders (wait, what am I saying? All spiders are interesting) and get a spot of lunch before coming home.

Achilles is feeling somewhat better this morning, though, so I’d better not push it too hard. He’s sensitive and is likely to retire to his tent in a snit, you know.


  1. Artor says

    Maybe Achilles just needs some alone time with Patroclus so he’ll stop complaining and being a drama queen?

  2. says

    I had surgery for bone spurs on the top of my foot earlier this year after I stood up from a crouch and was in a boot, on crutches for two weeks given how roughly the spurs tore through some tendons. Bone spurs are no joke.

  3. david says

    Non-existent bone spurs are a joke. And so is the person who claimed to have them.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    The bone spur man tore trough much more than tendons 2016-2020. And he will keep tearing things apart, så do his enablers.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Report from north Sweden. +23°C, perfect for having coffee outdoors.
    The currants are ripe for picking, this has the feeling of the very end of summer.
    I hope the tendon heals up properly. Enjoy the weeks before the next term.