Beauty and pain

Tomorrow, we go on a field trip to the UMM EcoStation.

Today, I suffer with an Achilles tendon flare-up — I have nasty bone spurs on my heels that sometimes stab my tendon, triggering inflammation, and I’m reduced to hobbling about. I’m still going! I may end up just sitting under a tree and looking at ground spiders, while the students range about. It’ll still be good.

Right now, it’s ibuprofen and ice.


  1. says

    Plus, heel spurs will keep you from being drafted (even imaginary ones would).

    Oh, wait, we don’t have that any more. Never mind.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Get well.
    Also, you now have something in common with at least one president. But your bone spurs are better, because they exist.
    BTW are the open spaces pristine, or abandoned fields?

  3. says

    I had some pretty painful heel spurs that were sonic hammered down smooth. I had some doubts when I first did the treatments many years ago but the pain went away and hasn’t come back.
    It is called Shockwave therapy. I hobbled around for months, it was like walking around on a thumbtack on each foot before it and after treatments and better insoles to take the pressure off it was all better.