1. birgerjohansson says

    Moderation on social media? Elon Musk has shown what happens when you fire the moderation team. No-brainer.
    (Looks at glasses) – you mean moderation with drinking? Considering that alcohol increases the risk för cancer, yes.

  2. StevoR says

    Without moderation on computer forums & places the likes of nazis and trolls take over so yeah. It’s necesssary.

    As for the notion of moderation generally? I like the supposed Socrates quote of “All things in moderation – including moderation!”

  3. says

    I have lots of words, but for a comment on a blog post there’s just
    1) A human moderator is necessary.
    2) Most people who complain about moderation probably worry that they’ll get shut down. I’m inclined to say that if they worry about getting shut down then maybe they should be shut down. Someone else can explain to me why I’m wrong about that, but I think it’s a bit like the debate about who should own guns.
    2a) No, I don’t know how to quis custodiet ipsos custodiens, but that needs to be addressed.
    3) Automated moderation is perhaps something we can do at a basic level, but there’s no way we can currently build a cost effective moderator bot that won’t miss 99% of posts that need to be moderated, because people who need to be moderated know they will be moderated and will take steps to avoid moderation.

  4. says

    I hope that no one here or on the podish cast gets involved in an excess of moderation! /S

    Moderation has two meanings: 1) a reasonable amount of something and 2) someone in place to control the circus as did NOT happen on CNN or at any presidential ‘debate’ or any tRUMP rally)

    Seriously, human behavior and society have always had a tendency to evolve into extremes and excesses that would override the rational mind’s intent to be moderate: Xtian inquisitions, wars of aggression, almost all religions, rtwingnut fascist violence, etc.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    If you are using a soviet RMBK reactor, moderation is indeed very impotant. We have seen what happens when the moderators get disconnected.
    Another kind of podcast that is great fun to listen to. Some milbloggers got together, stocked up with vodka and whisky and settled down to watch – and comment on- Putin’s big military parade fiasco.
    The result was like an enjoyable head-on train collision, especially as the target for the humor is a murdering loser that could not even scrape together enough hardware and soldiers for a normal parade.
    I am sure the farmers in some Ukrainan villages can put together a bigger tank parade than that.

  6. says

    As I’ve been saying for a while now: In the absence of active moderation, any online forum will degenerate into a troll-infested wasteland. The only variable is how long it will take for the last non-troll to give up and/or be driven out.

  7. drewl, Mental Toss Flycoon says

    “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”
    -Bob Weir in the 70s.
    I don’t necessarily agree with him (heroin, et al), but I see his point.

  8. hemidactylus says

    From what I have seem PZ ‘s moderation seems to be clearing out blatant anti-trans messes and other abusive fuckwits, but is ok with people criticizing him or engaging in seriously heated back and forth amongst themselves. He is far more, dare I say, laissez faire than a certain IDW snowflake who hates being called a blogger. Just sayin’.

  9. R. L. Foster says

    Sometimes I’m for moderation, at other times I’m an extremist. It all depends on the quality of the wine.