Today is the day

It’s the last day of finals week. I have two final exams and a term paper due — and I foolishly made everything due at 6pm this evening. Everything. All at once. I am smart, S-M-R-T.

A few students have submitted their work early so I can try to get a leg up on all the grading. Grades are due on Monday, so there’s an absolute deadline to finishing up this semester.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    If you have an electronic calendar, write an entry for spring 2024 reminding yourself to avoid this crap (and possibly make enqueries at Murder Inc. about the rate to “inhume” administrators).
    Fall: Tell all students to get vaccinated.

    Next Monday evening: whisky-sampling time?

  2. says

    One class completed.
    Will finish the second one tomorrow, I hope — I’ve got to attend commencement for a few hours though.