They should never have increased the Twitter word count

It was a terrible mistake. They bumped the character limits from 140 to 280 for most people, and I have no idea what the limits are for the suckers who paid for their blue checks, but now we’re getting these long rambling rants from all the weirdos.

Ken Ham bought his precious blue check mark, of course.

He doesn’t like public schools. Take a deep breath.

Well, I realize this post may “stir the pot” somewhat, and I’ll brace for the responses! Should Christians send their kids to public schools? Now firstly I want to say it’s the parent’s decision as to where they send their kids to be educated. And I do recognize in a fallen world there are all sorts of family issues (eg: single parent families) for varied reasons.

However, at the very minimum, each Christian should build their thinking on God’s Word in regard to the training of children, and do the best they possible can, with much prayer & God’s help and hopefully the help of God’s people in the church, to attain to what God instructs as much as we are able.

From God’s Word we do get answers to: Who owns children? Parents & ultimately God. Who is responsible for the education of children? Parents, & in particular Fathers as the spiritual head. What is the priority of education? Spiritual/biblical worldview. What should we understand about children? They are not miniature adults & they have a sin nature. What warnings are there? Bad company corrupts bad character.

Many people in the church have told me their kids should be in the public school to witness to other kids. But what’s the biblical basis for this? When I ask, I’m usually told, “we are to be light and salt in this world.” Yes, true, but one can only shine light if one has it to shine. Yes, Matthew 5:13 states “you are the salt of the earth,” but Mark 9:50 also states, “Have salt in yourselves.”

Your kids can’t be salt till they have salt. And by salt it means they are to be filled with biblical truth, but also prepared with answers (1 Peter 3:15) to be able to withstand the attacks of the devil in the world they live in. That’s why @AiG provides all sorts of curricula for churches & homes to help raise generations filled with biblical truth & equipped to defend the Christian faith against the attacks of our day.

Now Scripture also warns in Matthew 5:13, that “But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” In other words, contamination destroys.

Before our kids can be a witness to the world, they need to be filled with salt, as uncontaminated as possible, to know what they believe and why and be equipped to defend their faith.

Let’s face it, most of the public school system indoctrinates kids for 6 or so hours a day in the secular worldview of evolutionary naturalism & sexual humanism. Most churched kids have not survived the public education system and have walked away from the church. Very few exceptional kids from church homes survive and are able to be salt and light. Most become severely contaminated. This is reflected in the fact there’s been a massive generational loss from the church.

Bottom line, are you putting your own kids at risk from contamination because you want them in the system to witness to others? But how much have parents & the church really made sure such kids are truly filled with salt to be able to do this? Most churches have not taught apologetics and most have compromised God’s Word in Genesis, opening the door for that contamination to take hold. Most father’s have not been the spiritual head of their house as they should. Look at the evidence, most of the younger generations have walked away from the church. Generation Z is the first post-Christian generation & very atheistic in worldview.

Remember, when your kids are born, they don’t know about the bible, or Adam and Eve, or sin, or the promise of the Savior, or the Flood, or Babel, or the cross, or resurrection, or the saving gospel, or how to answer the attacks of our day. Our job as parents is make sure they are taught and equipped so they can impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Where are your kids spiritually? What legacy are you leaving in the younger generations? Who really has the greatest educational impact on your kids and grandkids?

I can answer that last question. If you’re talking about educational impact, it wasn’t my parents. I loved my parents, I thought they were great role models, they taught me to love knowledge, but I had to attend a public school to learn algebra, and grammar, and spelling, and basic chemistry, and home ec, and to read Melville and Dickens and Austen and Baldwin, and the framework of history. They weren’t educated as teachers and had work to do, and when they had free time, they wanted to enjoy being with their family.

Mr Ham’s problem is that he was never educated at all, and thinks learning about the bible, or Adam and Eve, or sin, or the promise of the Savior, or the Flood, or Babel, or the cross, or resurrection, or the saving gospel is an education. It wasn’t. He was fed lies.

Oh, but wait. To prove his point, Ham gives us some helpful illustrations.

Don’t go to college!

If you go to college, you’ll fill up with corruption that will make non-Christians happy.

But church will fill you with salt.

And the salt will poison all the non-Christians, because they’re like slugs or something.

Well, now I’m convinced. He’s an idiot, but he has some cheap-ass graphic illustrators working for him who can churn out appallingly bad images.

There’s more from the loquacious Mr Ham! Wait until you see his rant about science.

Want to learn about true science? Are your kids being indoctrinated by secularists in our secular institutions who don’t teach kids correctly about what science is and isn’t? Tired of the secular science programs that brainwash generations of kids in the anti-God religion of evolution/millions of years?

Real science confirms the Bible! But, sadly, many science programs don’t glorify God as the Creator. Instead, they teach humanism and atheistic evolutionary ideas to children. Because of this, many parents find it challenging to find engaging science programs that glorify God—but not anymore!

[cut short because it’s a lot of boring lies]

Real science is honest inquiry in which you can question and test your assumptions, and aren’t required to distort your answers to fit the Bible, which is not a science text. But Ken Ham has lots of money to fund his propaganda.


  1. says

    Have had to do periods of home schooling. As a non-crazy person and non-cultist, I can absolutely assure you that there are reasons we outsource the job to professionals in bulk. Also, teachers should be paid a lot more for wrangling the little terrors.

  2. says

    I pretty much had to stop when I read his question “Who owns children?” Just asking that question displays a deeply disturbed viewpoint. “Owns”. OWNS? Caretaker, guardian, parent, sure, but owner?

    And what is all this BS about salt? And just how does salt become “unsalty”? If anything, Ham is the salt in the wounds of society. The guy is a walking, talking, one man pestilence.

  3. says

    If Dumb Idiot Ham hates public schools, then why did he become a science teacher in an Australian school as claimed in many of his whitewashed biographies?

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Of course children have owners, they are a bit like wives in that regard.
    Technically we cannot own the nxxxs and wexxxxcks that do the dirty, dangerous work on the big farms but that is just contamination from the evil secular world.

  5. says

    I can honestly tell you one thing. Dumb Idiot Ham is entirely no different than that Stupid Idiot Trump who continuously rants, lies, projects, and maliciously slander every single day. I can’t deny that these two men are both two horrible peas in a pod.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    I want to hear this shithead’s definition of “racism,” because if there one thing that conservative Chrisitan–like this knuckle-dragger–loves is a heaping helping of white supremacy.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    The graphics are really remarkably bad.
    And they should obviously add some guy with a long nose and some black dude to demonstrate the evil from the world that contaminates Ken Ham’s Volk.

  8. StevoR says

    Not the astronaut one Ken Ham :

    Who owns children?

    Answer : Nobody! Because they are independent, individual human beings in the category of things that cannot be owned and NOT slaves you oozing, repulsive, foul-smelling morphologically bipedal hominid sore & deplorable disgrace to everything good in humanity .

    How is this not obvious even to you in this Fn century!?

    FWIW. Typing this as a single human who neither has nor wants children. But who gets the basic point that child does NOT equal property & does equal person same as me in all relevant respects esp when it comes to human rights and, well, humanity.

  9. moonslicer says

    This guy is a barrel of laughs.

    “Let’s face it, most of the public school system indoctrinates kids for 6 or so hours a day in the secular worldview of evolutionary naturalism & sexual humanism.”

    Really? I don’t know anything about naturalism. I tend to keep my clothes on. I suppose that makes me a “sexual humanist”. I kind of like the ring to that. I’m a SEXUAL HUMANIST! Suck on that, losers!

    “Most churched kids have not survived the public education system and have walked away from the church.”

    Yep, that’s what happened to me. I got a good education. I wised up and walked away from the church. And I’ve never regretted it. That BS seriously turned me off.

    “Very few exceptional kids from church homes survive and are able to be salt and light.”

    Oh, is that what I was supposed to become, salt and light? Nobody ever told me that. If I were vinegar and salt, I could be a potato chip. I might prefer that.

    “Most become severely contaminated.”

    This, apparently is what it is to be a Christian: you refer to non-Christians, to anyone who’s not like you, as “contaminated”. I consider myself to be liberated. Now I see poor young Christian kids as “indoctrinated”, but if we’re going to use this word “contaminated”, it would be more appropriately applied to them. But I really think we’d do better to avoid the word altogether.

    “This is reflected in the fact there’s been a massive generational loss from the church.”

    Yeah, Hammy, massive. And you don’t see that as having anything to do with you. It doesn’t occur to you to question the product you’re selling. Fewer and fewer people are buying, and that means there’s something wrong with THEM. Having trouble with intellectual honesty, are we, Hammy?

    And this is just one paragraph out of all this mess. If anybody else wants a turn, be my guest.

  10. StevoR says

    Niot the astronaut or meat Ham :

    Most churched kids have not survived the public education system and have walked away from the church.

    Survived? Wow. There’s another word whose meaning you clearly can’t grok.

    Also what a staggering condemnation of your willfully ignorant, fragile, false belief system that it cannot survive even the most basic schooling scrutiny.,

  11. StevoR says

    @ 12. moonslicer : “This guy is a barrel of laughs.”

    LOL sob .. Because, yes, and yet he somehow has followers and too many others that “think” or rather have had their brains rotted into accepting the excrement that he spews and those people hurt other people and do so much harm and get to vote (tautology?) – with disproptionate power given the anti-democratic, unjust Electoral Colllege system the US of A has and ..yeah..

    As the cliche goes. It would be funny were it not so serious and sad.

    (Expletives. Loud*, many and insufficient.)

    .* Actually not that loud or even aloud gibven the hour here in Sth Oz. But still mentally.

  12. says

    @Akira MacKenzie

    In Dumb Idiot Ham’s view Darwin is responsible for all forms of racism and that all humans are one blood and one race.

    In reality, he likely means “One WHITE Blood” and One WHITE race” meaning that he’s a White supremacist who allows other White Supremacists to use his putrid attractions to spread their horrible propaganda. Not to mention the fact that there is a placard at his “museum” depicting the descendants of Ham (one of Noah’s sons) migrating to Africa, he bought an Allosaurus skeleton from a White Supremacist and often invites many White Supremacists to his putrid attractions to get photos taken in front of the door of Noah’s ark that stands between Noah’s family and the doom people drowning in the Flood.

  13. says

    Before exporting his disease to the US the Hamster tried to infect the Australian education system. At one point he and his cronies convinced the extreme right and monumentally corrupt Premier of Queensland and his evangelical education minister to make the teaching of flood geology compulsory in Queensland schools Fortunately the teachers won the day when they dug their heels in and refused. Queensland is a fundamentalist swamp and is laughlingly called the “Deep North”. At one point the disease made it south of the border into the adjoining state of NSW when the got the ear of a a lay preacher who happened to be a government minister. A well organised opposition derailed his plans and he was eventually pushed out of the parliament by getting appointed to a cushy government sinecure in London. He held that position briefly because he appointed his boyfriend as his driver and spent much of his time touring Europe at the government’s expense. He was sacked but when he returned to Australia successfully sued the government for wrongful dismissal and got a nice damages payout from the taxpayer. At least we managed to export one grifter for Jesus to the US although he is obviously well adapted to the environment over there because he has done far better financially than when he was in Australia.

  14. says


    No doubt this is why Dumb Idiot Ham moved to the US years ago. He knows he’s going to have a much better time finding and winning gullible, idiotic converts to grift in the US than in Australia in spite his best efforts to win converts there.

  15. says

    Well, shit.
    I got as far as the bit about “the training of children.” At that point, the image of Ken Ham with a rolled up newspaper bopping kids in the nose, yelling, NO! and telling them to go sit in a box was too much for me to continue.
    And the priority of education is spiritual/biblical worldview? An education like that does not prepare one to live in this modern world. The only salt that’s going to get you is the salt on the fries you’ll be offering your customers.

  16. says

    Those graphics are even more insultingly stupid than Chick Tracts! If Ham wants an AI to make convincing pictures of humans, he should have hired a T-800. That’s what they were built for, innit?

  17. birgerjohansson says

    Raging Bee @ 20
    A T-800 is ruled by the logic of algorithms. Eventually the inherent contradictions in the fundie world view would lead to a chrisis where the AI either burns out or manages to cast off the programming, becoming an independent entity like Shirley Manson in the TV series.
    (BTW I like the idea of a T-800 turning on fundies.)

  18. lldayo1 says

    Remember, when your kids are born, they don’t know about the bible, or Adam and Eve, or sin, or the promise of the Savior, or the Flood, or Babel, or the cross, or resurrection, or the saving gospel, or how to answer the attacks of our day.

    Ironic he mentions this as it’s one of the reasons I turned from Christianity. How do you not sit there and question the logistics of a supposedly “loving god” without realizing that millions of people die each year without ever hearing the biblical stories? Guess I’ll be spending my time in hell with the rest of the innocents his deity casually tossed aside.

  19. Nemo says

    I dunno why he thinks this will “stir the pot” — fundies have been saying this same shit since before I was born. If I were to give these assholes credit for anything, it would be persistence.

    And now, we finally have a Supreme Court that I can imagine bringing back prayer in public schools, although I haven’t heard of any cases aimed in that direction. Yet.

  20. ardipithecus says


    They don’t need to bring prayer back into public schools because they are now intent on bringing public schools into the religious fold. Increasingly, they are trying to kill the public education system while increasing public funding for private religious schools. It’s likely that the goal is to make all public education religious so that any restriction on religion in the public school system runs afoul of freedom of religion. It’s an end run around the prohibition against the government creating an official religion.

  21. seattlesipper says

    According to Ken Ham’s Figure 4 (as shown above), a proper Christian will be filled with Biblical salt and be a pillar of their community.

    According to the Bible, Genesis 19, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she disobeyed God’s orders.

    Therefore: Ken Ham says that reading the Bible is disobeying God’s orders. QED

    Is he proud of the education that took him to this conclusion?

  22. rrutis1 says

    Holy crap that drivel (of Ham’s) is unreadable! I don’t know how anyone gets through it…my eyes just start to roll back in my head by the time I get the 4th or 5th lie/bullshit.

  23. says

    I’m sick of this secular cursive crap.

    When I was a child they taught GODLY ITALICS. But now? They teach children cursive and do they even mention God? No? I went to my Child’s handwriting class and they taught NO GOD. Nor did they Even mention that the twisted, curving pathways the letters take are Serpentine.

    Serpentine! Do you understand! The Garden Of Eden had a serpent,and it imparted IMproper knowledge that leadeth to Death and not to Live. The Serpent has always been Satan and both Satan and the Serpent have always wanted to twist the Human with Knowledge that he might Deceive himself and think himself his own Creator. But he is Not!

    Ban the UNGodly Serpentine Cursive before your Child is corrupted with the Wages of Sin is DEATHS.

  24. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 27

    I’m sick of this secular cursive crap.

    Just recently my RWNJ father went on a tirade about how they aren’t teaching kids cursive any more.

  25. says

    Pardon me for sounding old-school (because I AM!), but is decent handwriting really no longer being taught? I remember cursive (which used to be called “round-hand” as opposed to “italic”) was taught, and it was A LOT easier than italic. If it’s really not being taught, why not?

  26. says

    They should never have increased the Twitter word count

    It’s not the higher Twitter word count that’s the problem, it’s the higher Twitter twit count!

  27. Tethys says

    It is true that most American schoolchildren aren’t taught cursive writing anymore, along with geography, shop classes, home economics, art, history, music, civics, etc.

    All children left behind?

    I was taught cursive, but my handwriting has evolved into something that looks more like Carolingian minuscule.

    I suppose handwriting itself is now considered an old-fashioned way of writing, as most writing in our modern computer age is done with a keyboard, not a pen.

  28. chrislawson says

    Can’t blame Ham’s beliefs on his parents lying to him. From his Wikipedia article:

    Ham was born 20 October 1951 in Cairns, Queensland. His father, Mervyn, was a Christian educator who served as a school principal in several schools throughout Queensland.

    Ham earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science (with an emphasis on environmental biology) from the Queensland Institute of Technology and holds a Diploma in Education from the University of Queensland. While at university, he was influenced by John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris’s 1961 book The Genesis Flood. Upon graduation in 1975, Ham began teaching science at a high school in Dalby, Queensland.

    So he got his education in public institutions. What was it that turned him against it?

    In 1977, Ham began teaching at a high school in Brisbane, where he met John Mackay, another teacher who believed in young Earth creationism. According to Susan and William Trollinger, Ham was “appalled by the fact that some of his students assumed their textbooks that taught evolutionary science successfully proved the Bible to be untrue,” and he said the experience “put a ‘fire in my bones’ to do something about the influence that evolutionary thinking was having on students and the public as a whole.”[7] In 1979, he resigned his teaching position and, with his wife, founded Creation Science Supplies and Creation Science Educational Media Services…

    Given his education and experiences up to this point, I’d say his rejection of science and pedagogical ethics in the pursuit of religious extremism is 100% his own doing.

  29. birgerjohansson says

    Crip Dyke @ 27
    Your spelling is a bit too good to be credible idiotese!
    For proper idiocy listen to this podcast dissecting Mike Lindell’s “documentary” Absolute Interference”. It is hilarious.

  30. chrislawson says

    Raging Bee@30–

    Because cursive is no longer used much except by calligraphers. It’s not worth teaching as a core school subject any more.

  31. Tethys says


    Cursive is no longer taught in the US due to technology, but being able to read and write in cursive is more than just calligraphy. Fine motor skills developed through learning to write are an important area of brain development.'Nealian

    Most historical records are handwritten, in a variety of scripts. Just learning to read manuscripts is a subject in itself, as they too were affected by economic realities (vellum and scribes being very expensive) and human styles of writing that change over time.

  32. lanir says

    He wants more people to go to xtian schools? Wow… I hadn’t realized he was so determined to create more atheists.

  33. birgerjohansson says

    Going off on a tangent, another religious idiot is causing mischief in Britain
    Some autistic kid dropped a koran, which got scuffed.
    The local imam went ballistic and shouted about islamophobia.
    Now there are death threats against the kid.
    About script … The Korean form of writing is considered the most easy one to learn for those learning from scratch.
    BTW even as a seven-year-old I found it hard to “get” Christianity (back then, it was still a subject in Swedish schools).
    And the Bible was just this odd collection of words and stories. We had prayer in school back then (I am really dating myself) but it made no difference for how we turned out.

  34. says

    Ham was “appalled by the fact that some of his students assumed their textbooks that taught evolutionary science successfully proved the Bible to be untrue,”

    Did the students actually looked into their science textbooks to reach such an conclusion, or is it something that Dumb Idiot Ham made up as an excuse to get out of being a science teacher so he can become a worthless creationist he is today?

  35. rietpluim says

    I realize this post may “stir the pot” somewhat

    Oh Ken, you’re such an original and provocative thinker! /s

  36. birgerjohansson says

    Are triffids religious? The green Christian in the illustration looks like a triffid. Algae symbionts, maybe.

    Also, superhalide Christians? Can they survive in ordinary water? Or do they have a briny reserve inside so they can migrate between geological salt domes?

  37. StevoR says

    @42. birgerjohansson :If memory serves Triffids were genetically created by humans and went onto try and very nearly suceed in killing their creators so .. hmm.. There’s also that mystery meteor shower and the blinding insight (or not) that adds caused by, umm, forgoet how and why and huh so .. yeah. Dunno.

    Bit hard to talk to Triffids and get their view on things here.

    BTW. What form of water is ordinary exactly? Rather remarkable if abundant chemical that Dihydrogen monoxide stuff..

  38. KG says

    birgerjohansson@42, StevoR@44,

    Consulting my copy of The Day of the Triffids I find that triffids were developed – possibly by Lysenko(!) – in the USSR as a source of edible oils, then accidentally released (as a bunch of seeds which drifted all over the world) when a plane carrying a defector bringing them out was shot down. They were then farmed without causing problems (except to a few unlucky people involved in the industry) until almost everyone was blinded by a light show high in the atmosphere, probably the result of a misfiring satellite-borne weapon, which isn’t attributed to anyone in particular. A bit clunky as a plot device – the triffids on their own could never have been a serious threat, but blinding almost everyone would have caused global catastrophe anyway. No information on triffids’ religious proclivities, but since they were developed in the USSR, presumably good Marxist-Leninists!

  39. StevoR says

    @ ^ KG. THanks. Hmm.. it occurs to me that a misfitring weapon would probly only effect one hemisphere & what about the areas where it wa scloudy and people couldn’t se e the “light show” and thus weren’t blinded and the weird way people woke up blind afterwards and didn’t realsie the danger at the time.. Yeah, not really the best plot device or explanation.


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