We came this close to electing a bozo governor

OK, it wasn’t really that close: Scott Jensen was defeated 52% to 44% by Tim Walz in the recent Minnesota gubernatorial race. It looks worse in the maps, but that’s because rural Minnesota is relatively thinly populated, with most people living in the dark blue lake of Democrats on the eastern side of the state. You mean to tell me that real estate doesn’t vote?

Scott Jensen would not be making the news now except that he’s under investigation by the state medical licensing board.

Dr. Scott Jensen, the family medicine doctor who lost his run at Minnesota governor in the midterm elections last year, announced on social media that he was under investigation by his state’s medical board, adding “If it can happen to me, it can happen to you!”.

It can only happen to me if I were a medical doctor, and if I spent an election campaign making grossly dishonest claims about the pandemic.

This “humble midwestern family doctor” has some pretty serious ties to international Bannon politics which would explain his shocking brashness. Jensen’s attempts to convey his overdue accountability as an attack not just on him but on anyone who speaks out as he so “courageously” does (in line with his political affiliations) is Trumpian. It’s also how fascists gaslight for undeserved support. He is the problem. His actions have had consequences on others and it is high time they have consequences for him. Thanks to his November loss, he’s just a regular citizen without the power to carry out his revenge fantasies on the medical board.

Fortunately, he got beat, badly. The news isn’t so great for Wisconsin.

In any case, accountability has come far too late for these politically-aligned disinformation doctors thanks in large part to politically-aligned lobbying efforts. One state over in Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson – who had hosted Jensen’s Pandata colleague McCullough on his conspiracy panels – won his re-election. He has joined the fight against medical license accountability for his allies, despite that falling completely outside his jurisdiction as a senator.

Doctors like Jensen and politicians like Johnson claim to want to take politics out of healthcare while politicizing medicine during a global crisis. There is no sympathy to be felt for power-hungry men like these who lie so brazenly and so destructively. Covid was not a political game; it has cost real people their real lives. Disinformation has been central to the global failure that has been the Covid response.

I hope disinformation will have a political cost. It’s a thin hope, though.


  1. raven says

    The Notice of Conference stated the board received 18 complaints related to his public statements about COVID-19 and patient care.

    It mentioned disinformation, including advising against vaccines and masks.

    It alleged he called for civil disobedience among Minnesotans and businesses to ignore guidance.

    It also claimed he promoted conspiracy theories that the Minnesota Department of Health instructed providers to falsify death certificates to list COVID-19.

    The Complaint Review Committee will have a conference to discuss this on February 24th.

    A letter from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice to Dr. Jensen stated, “The committee will be assisted by the representative of the Office of the Attorney General who signed the cover to the Notice, and several staff members. This meeting is not a hearing, but rather a forum for the committee to have a face-to-face conversation with you about the concerns expressed in the Notice.”

    This is more from the original source which is KTTC, Minnesota.

    Scott Jensen is a quack.
    What is the harm here?
    Some of the people taking Scott Jensen’s advice will have caught the Covid-19 virus and died from it. Lies can kill.

    “It also claimed he promoted conspiracy theories that the Minnesota Department of Health instructed providers to falsify death certificates to list COVID-19.”
    Here he is obviously lying and the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice can show that easily.

    Most likely he won’t defend himself.
    He will just double down on the lies and claim the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice is part of the Illuminati or something.

  2. raven says

    Washington Medical Board Charges Doctor for Spreading COVID Misinformation
    John McCormack

    February 01, 2023
    Misinformation regarding COVID-19 has been cited as a public health threat since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. Doctors and professional organizations are standing guard, hoping to protect patients from any harm that results from mistruths spread by colleagues.

    Case in point: Several physicians and the American Board of Pathology filed complaints with Washington and Idaho medical boards alleging that Ryan Cole, MD, a board-certified pathologist who practices in Boise, Idaho, but who also holds a license in Washington, has spread anti-vaccine and pro-ivermectin statements on social media. Cole is one of the founders of America’s Frontline Doctors, a right-wing political organization

    This is happening elsewhere.

    Idaho appointed an antivaxxer, Ryan Cole to their main regional health board right as the Covid-19 virus pandemic was ramping up.
    Shortly after that, their hospitals filled up with sick and dying Covid-19 virus patients and they began exporting them to neighboring states. They also called a public health emergency for triage.

    He is being investigated by the Washington board.
    So far, the Idaho board hasn’t said anything and they might not, since Idaho is a Red state.

  3. raven says

    There weren’t that many antivaxxer doctors.
    The vaccination rate among physicians was 97%.

    A few antivaxxer doctors managed to catch the virus, get sick, and die from it.
    Karma happens.

    The actual number of antivaxxers who died is high and still happening. It is 330,000 right now for the USA.
    The vaccines saved ca. 3 million lives, one of which is quite likely to have been mine, as a high risk Boomer.

    Anti-Vaccine Doctor Who Called Mask Wearing ‘Dangerous’ Dies of COVID-19
    BY JENNI FINK ON 11/11/21 AT 10:18 AM EST

    Dr. Christopher Foley, who criticized mask-wearing and spread false information about a COVID-19 vaccine, passed away from complications of the virus.

    The Minnesota doctor pushed back against continued use of masks, writing on his company website that they are “downright dangerous” if worn for extended periods of time. He was also critical of the vaccine, calling it a “human experiment” and advocated for the widespread use of ivermectin and vitamins to cure COVID-19…

  4. bjnich2 says

    Sadly, real estate does vote. The least populated states have the same number of senators as the most populated. In Utah, the gerrymandering right dilutes the blue capitol city’s urban voting power by dividing it and tacking on vast tracts of rural area. The same senate model of representing land, not people applies on the state level too.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Well, Sidney Powell just got off on her ethics case. Judge didn’t like how most of the evidence was labelled so ignored it, so Trump is god-king, burn all non-sharpie wielding pretenders to the throne, inject bleach and show bright flashlights up your ass for the god-king in Florida.

    I swear, one would think that rabies is airborne…
    But, history has had this inanity before with the Know Nothing Party, 1844 – 1860. Lincoln hated them with a passion.
    Given history, well, either toward the end of Biden’s first term or 4 years after Trump finally makes his hostile takeover of heaven, we’ll have a civil war.
    Knowing the sanity of today, it’ll be over an ulcer drug that’s before a judge now, because bleeding ulcers are OK if the drug might cause a miscarriage or something.
    Or that temples aren’t erected in Trump’s name…

  6. wzrd1 says

    Oh, new excuse for Trump having classified documents is that a new hire took his appointments file, photographed with her phone, converting to PDF, then uploading them to the cloud and a Trump laptop, for archival purposes and failed to noticed “the small classification symbol at the bottom”.
    An example derivative classified document is here: https://theintercept.imgix.net/wp-uploads/sites/1/2015/12/Screen-Shot-2015-12-18-at-11.05.06-AM.png?auto=compress%2Cformat&q=90

    So, the bold, large font classification at the top and bottom were invisible, along with every paragraph being classified at some level and hence, marked.
    And nuclear secrets are part of the appointments and scheduling file…

    Give them time, they’ll make it legally effective and official that the Constitution is unconstitutional.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    The Joker was content to murder people he met.
    These evil clowns are going to kill people they have never met, in huge numbers. So they are in a very real sense worse than serial killers.

    The fact that they do it by stupidity rather than malice is hardly an excuse. But the real villains are the cynical politicians who just use these bozos as tools, and don’t care about the damage. They are akin to the lobbyists who work on behalf of tobacco companies, or foreign dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

  8. wzrd1 says

    Well, the Florida legislature and governor want to get all theories out of their college classrooms, fine. There are three nuclear reactors in the state that operate off of quantum theory, as well as relativity. Might as well delicense them, just to ensure state rights are protected.
    Make sure it’s at peak power time and SCRAM them.

  9. jrkrideau says

    @ 3 Raven
      There weren’t that many antivaxxer doctors. 

    The problem is that you do not need very many antivaxer doctors.  There are mobs of antivaxers without medical degrees who are more than happy to spread the word that “vaccine_flavour_of the_week” will cause anything from hangnails to autism to cancer. Most firmly believe that ALL (or almost all) vaccines are harmful

    All you need are a few MD’s and a couple of “researchers” to provide a veneer of sciencey jargon and the occasional “paper” and you’re good to go.  The former doctor, Andrew Wakefield, almost single-handedly started the most recent antivax wave.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is, I believe, a lawyer but he has been a rabid antivaxer for years.  

  10. Pierce R. Butler says

    “Growing Number of Doctors Say They Won’t Get COVID-19 Booster Shots” says a headline in a recent copy of Epoch Times sent free! to everyone in my rural Florida neighborhood. The article itself cites 5 purported MDs, one med student, and a “professor of operations management”, so I guess that qualifies as a number; nobody claims to have done any counting.

    ET itself seems an interesting exercise in propaganda, with an odd mix of barely-a-sentence news bytes and verbose, sometimes partly factual, analyses, all on “conservative” hot-button topics and thorough avoidance of much current actual news (Ukraine, mass shootings, Palestine, electoral politics…). This issue includes a lengthy sermon by Li Hongzhi, purported founder of the Falun Gong movement, on “How Humankind Came To Be” which expresses a very Hindu-esque cosmology, and no ads except ET promos and a full-pager for the “China Before Communism” Shen Yun dance company.