1. Silentbob says

    Dude.. isn’t Halloween like a month away? Why are you telling terrifying horror stories now? 8-O

  2. robro says

    Awesome stuff. I wonder if the noises are actual recordings of spider activity, or simulated to add vérité. The eerie music is clearly for dramatic effect.

  3. says

    Off Topic but may be important: Do I remember reading PZ talking about this book??

    John McMurry’s Organic Chemistry is regarded as something of a classic and had a high price tag: $80 in the US. Thanks to the generosity of McMurry. As a report in Chemistry World explains, he spotted that after 30 years he could ask for the book’s copyright to be returned to him. McMurry has chosen to bring out the next edition of his book with OpenStax:

  4. says

    Sorry, false alarm I think it might have been:
    Klug’s Concepts of Genetic and was going to be highly restricted
    However, it is nice to see textbooks being made available without the ‘arm and a leg’ price.

  5. says

    You’ll probably get videos of redbacks hauling in large prey items including lizards. So I thought I’d spare you those. these nasty little beasts are venomous. While rarely fatal particularly with modern antivenom their bite is extremely painful. In the good old days of the ramshackle outback toilet a midnight trip could be a painful experience as this song suggests. There is a song in response from the spiders point of view but that is hard to find.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    Speaking of eight-legged animals, just how far north do you find scorpions?
    And while I know most are harmless to adult humans, does North America have any species you need to be wary of?