Observations from the Spider Lab

It was a busy morning, good thing I got in early today.

  • I have too many spiders.
  • I fed the growing horde of 2nd generation Steatoda triangulosa. I’m discovering that after their 3rd molt, they are no longer content to wait quietly in their tubes for flies to rain from the sky — they rush for the exits when I pop the tops, which means I have to work fast to feed and re-cork everyone.
  • Two spiders escaped this morning. I let ’em go, I’ve got too many spiders.
  • The first of the 3rd generation hatched out today, after 26 days of incubation. There were 45 of them. These are the progeny of 2g-4 and 2g-7. I put about half of them into individual vials and threw a bunch of flies at the remainder. I have too many spiders.
  • Another 3g egg sac was laid a day after the 4-7 sac. I think that means I’ll have another hatching soon. More spiders!
  • Looking ahead, these 3g spiders should reach maturity sometime in November, I’ll do another round of matings and get some more egg sacs around that time, and then…the 4th generation for Christmas. Even more spiders.

If I keep this up, I do believe I’ll be able to start doing some genetics in the spring, optimistically.

New baby picture at the Patreon.


  1. says

    Sort of. I’ve got a few hundred now, and it’s hard to keep up with the feeding. It’s also time for me to do a big container cleaning and transfer everyone to washed up homes.

  2. John Morales says

    I’ve got a few hundred now, and it’s hard to keep up with the feeding.

    … and you’re too ethical to get students to help you out.