The grift continues!

Oh boy! They’re making “NFT the Movie”, which I presume is going to be something like the emoji movie, only with lower production values and more obfuscation. For example…

Although the video is titled “What’s an NFT?” they never quite get around to explaining it. It has a couple of crypto bros rattling off bizarre buzzwords, with a narration by Brittany Kaiser, “award winning documentarist/NFT expert”. I had to look her up. She was the former business director for Cambridge Analytica (alarm bells should be ringing). IMDB doesn’t find any documentaries made by Kaiser, but she was a central figure in one of them, The Great Hack. I haven’t seen it, so I’ll have to go by the reviewers’ comments.

Interesting to see how it all works, but my beef with the flick is the one-sided view of one of the main characters in Kaiser.

Plain to see that this is a person with little to no moral compass, that happily did what she did to hobnob and feel important/to make an impact. When it was apparent that the sky was falling, she happily turned “whistleblower” and spilled everything she could on operations. I failed to see her show any remorse for the work she did in setting up the whole infrastructure over 3.5+ years. Yet throughout the film she is portrayed as being free from blame and just a source of information, when she clearly sold her soul to make money and for other purposes known only to her. The film-makers almost portray her as a victim and instead of asking the hard questions, appear to be content to play best friend.

She’s promoting NFTs — lack of moral compass confirmed!

When will people wise up? It doesn’t help that people are making “movies” about this grift, but maybe it’ll help that the movie will be cheesy and incomprehensible, and will bomb.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    In the interest of politeness, I will say something nice. At least the trailer was short. In recent years, trailers have bloated to multiple minutes. If a movie is 90 minutes long and they put out a 3 minute trailer, you have seen 3.33% of the movie.

  2. Dunc says

    Although the video is titled “What’s an NFT?” they never quite get around to explaining it.

    Well of course they don’t. If you actually explain what an NFT is in plain language (“it’s a signed, tamper-proof receipt containing a link to something”), it’s obviously completely stupid.

  3. microraptor says

    Aren’t NFTs already losing popularity? Every video game company that’s tried to shove them into video games has been slapped right in the face with backlash and hackers keep stealing NFTs costing NFT bros massive amounts of money.

  4. says

    Some cheeseball was making NFTs of some of my old artworks from deviantart. Now, I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain crap are consuming all the energy savings from electric cars. It’s unbelievably stupid.

  5. Dunc says

    Aren’t NFTs already losing popularity?

    They never actually were that popular. Much of the trading volume, especially the high-value stuff, was “wash trades” – basically people “buying” stuff from themselves in order to try and drum up interest. AFAIK, the majority of NFTs didn’t even cover their transaction costs.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says

    What’s an NFT?

    I loved this answer I saw online: NFTs are “Beanie Babies for White dudebros who get angry when there is a black person in Star Wars.”