Last day of Spring Break

Naturally, then, I have been cloistered in my office all day, finally finishing off the last of my grading. I am all caught up! Now I get to catch my breath, and then…

…post some new assignments that I’ll be grading next weekend.

Seven more weeks, then SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!


  1. robro says

    Oh, I get it: No more pencils / No more books / No more teacher’s dirty looks yeah

    Speaking of school…Are those children on the treadmill?

    And who’s that dark figure lurking at the back outside the gate?

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin claims the illustrated treadmill is a spidergrinder, its operators / propulsion are poopyhead’s students, the individuals at lower-left are spiderphobes who have come to get their spiders disposed-of, and the mysterious dark figure in the background is an as-yet unidentified alien intent on conqueroring Earth by disposing of a major constrain to the planned total planetary takeover by bugs & insects — spiders. She says this seems to be before a blue police box is found nearby, as that is not known to have been spotted until Londongrad was under control of the cockroaches (the six-legged kind, not the current two-legged kind).

  3. birgerjohansson says

    You need a ‘wanderjahr’ or some other way to recover.
    Burnout is not fun, take it from me.

  4. jrkrideau says

    Have you considered looking into different evaluation methods that do not require these tests? As a nonacademic I have no idea if it is possible. Perhaps Mano could come up with some suggestions?

  5. JustaTech says

    @robro @3: It’s a Victorian form of prison punishment. The Victorians came up with lots of forms of mind-numbing labor to keep prisoners occupied without getting any actual work done. It wore them out too much to riot, and in theory it gave prisoners time to “think about what they’d done” and reform.
    Horrible and cruel and pointless, and yet a huge improvement over the previous prison system, which was “shove everyone in together in a big room and ignore the screaming”.