The end is nigh! (not really)

There is a giant space rock hurtling towards Earth! It is predicted to miss, and usually I’d trust the math and physics, but given the Bayesian priors of our experiences the last few years, I would not be surprised if they forgot to carry the 3.

Anyway, the Virtual Telescope Project will be showing it live, in about an hour. You might want to watch it, just in case.

Unfortunately, the stupid asteroid scheduled its closest approach for when I’ll be in class. I guess I’ll have to watch it after the fact, I hope.


  1. davidc1 says

    I and the rest of the English speaking world would like to know why you Americans call it Math, instead of Maths?
    No offense.

  2. Walter Solomon says

    davidc1 @4:

    We be special.

    Anyway, the Earth tried to get rid of us with a giant volcano in the South Pacific but it didn’t take. I guess the planet was desperate and called in the cavalry.

  3. whheydt says

    If your concern about mathematical errors turns out to be correct, you’ll be able to watch in real time…whether you want to or not.

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    davidc1 @4: The same reason the Americans say “physic” (which really means the study of medicine) instead of “physics”. They’re against pluralism.

  5. springa73 says

    Rob Grigjanis @8

    I don’t know if you’re joking, but I’m pretty sure people in the US say “physics”. I’ve never heard “physic” and have lived in the US my whole life.

  6. springa73 says

    @11 – Ah, OK.

    Just passed the time given for closest approach, which by coincidence seems to be about the same distance from Earth as the JWST, although presumably in a different direction.

  7. says

    Oh come on. It’s written right there on the great seal of the United States and on some of our coins: E pluribus unum. It’s a core American rule.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    Reminds me of a comment after the 2016 election;”They voted for the asteroid!”

  9. leerudolph says

    kevinv @2: “I think you mean the End is Ni! Ni! Ni!”

    So if it hits at all, it will be at Knight?

  10. blf says

    @15, “So if it hits at all, it will be at Knight?”

    Yes, it hits their helmet, causing them to say “Ekky-ekky-ekky-ekky-z’Bang, zoom-Boing, z’nourrrwringnmmm”, which is a fairly typical comment after having an asteroid land on your head.