Kent Hovind’s nemesis

Kent Hovind has a few people he frequently complains about, two in particular: SciManDan, a guy with a physics background who mainly debunks flat earthers, and Emma Thorne, a YouTube personality (she’s very nice) who made a reputation debunking multi-level marketing schemes, and just generally being a pleasant conversationalist (funny, isn’t it, how he doesn’t focus on evolutionary biologists…or maybe it’s just that Hovind hates British people). They made the mistake of rolling their eyes at the stupidity of Kent Hovind and Matt Powell, though, and now he has featured them on several episodes of his inane “whack-an-atheist Wednesday”. He’s looking a little desperate, actually. I think his world is crashing down on him from several angles, so bullying people on the internet is just his hobby that lets him vent.

Anyway, Thorne just put out a video in which she lets Kent and Matt have it with both barrels, exposing their hypocrisy, lies, and hate-mongering. It’s very entertaining and highly recommended.

Kent Hovind and Matt Powell are going to be whining for weeks about this. Good.


  1. Rob Curtis says

    “buckle the fuck up”

    Thank you for pointing me to Emma’s youtube.

    I already watch Sciman Dan.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I want Kent Hovind ro make a “documentary” about his, er, struggle.
    Then he can be featured at God Awful Movies too (yes, I am an ardent fan).

  3. Dennis K says

    Looks like this “Matt Powell” lackey is wasting no time disemboweling himself with off-camera tirades. Doing it in association with Kent Hovind is just icing on the cake. The Christians I know wouldn’t give either of these knuckle draggers the time of day.

  4. beholder says

    @2 birgerjohansson

    I want Kent Hovind ro make a “documentary” about his, er, struggle.

    He wrote a rambling doctoral dissertation, which is close enough. As far as I’m aware, none of his ideas have been updated in the meantime.

  5. beholder says

    That said, if they get the same filmmaker who adapted Strobel’s The Case for Christ, the weapons-grade stupidity therein would at least find a wider audience. And the GAM episode would be so worth it.

  6. says

    Emma reminds me of Hattie Jacques minus 100 or more pounds and the BBC’s restrictions on swearing. She delightfully skewered Hovind and his faithful sidekick.

  7. Alt-X says

    I’ve said it before, those two do a lot of damage to Christianity but they’re both too dense to realise.