1. Bruce says

    As PZ studies the wild cephalopods of rural Minnesota.
    The eight limbs are dancing inside the house.

  2. imback says

    Since squid ~ spiders, I can envision a new Netflix series called Spider Game. Contestants have to make their way across the non-sticky strands of an orb web. If they get stuck they get wrapped up and eaten at leisure. Round 2 for the survivors is being hunted by tarantulas.

  3. davidc1 says

    I did an in depth, two minute research on the interwebs for a better head on photo .
    Strange looking critter .
    PS ,news to me that birds aren’t real.
    PPSH41 ,sorry force of habit ,haha .
    I did see a photo of a turkey stuffed with an octopus ,now I am not one to give people ideas for their
    xmas menu ,but ,please ,please ,pretty please will one of you brave souls try it .