Isn’t Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?

It never is.

Today I

  • Assembled an exam I’ll hand out to one class tomorrow
  • Put together a bank of practice problems for another
  • Graded a bunch of papers…which I can’t post yet (I’ve learned that putting up intermediate, incomplete results prompts squawks of protest from the remaining students, who fear I lost their work)
  • Got my lecture notes for class tomorrow together
  • Posted the presentation for the class on Canvas
  • Bought some supplies for this week’s lab
  • Didn’t take a nap
  • Neglected FtB’s Sunday social backchannel gathering
  • Drank 2 cups of coffee and a quart of Diet Dr Pepper
  • Sharpened the kitchen knives
  • Made soup, it’s simmering right now
  • Maybe I’ll get to bed at a reasonable hour and sleep through the night (ha ha)

Tomorrow, Spring semester advising continues on top of the usual workload.

Hey, this week is busy, but next week is only a half week, and there’ll be no lab! I’m going to need that to make it to the end of the term.


  1. wajim says

    You had my sympathy until the quart of Diet Dr. Pepper; we use that at work to dissolve gum from classroom floors. By the way, due to the pandemic, after a decade as an adjunct teaching Lit and Writing at a 4 year State college in Idaho) I am now a solo night crew custodian, all by my lonesome, at the same school I “retired” from. Tonight, I’ll clean 8 restrooms, 13 classrooms, 18 staff and faculty offices (one of which was mine, prior to Covid), the college IT server center, the Graphics center, the Dental Clinic, and the entire Diesel Technology/Collision Repair Center, which includes mopping some 16,000 sq.’ of floors. And I’ll do that four more nights after, for $11/hr. Of course, my peak annual contract earnings for teaching 9 sections of lower and upper division humanities courses per year was $24,000, which, as you suggest here, probably ring from washes out to less than my custodial wage, as I worked 7 days per week/6-12 hours per day, depending. At 60, teaching with several pre-existing health conditions in person at a college where neither masks or vaccines were required, let alone encouraged, in a state that was and is suffering the nation’s highest levels of Covid infections and death, freaked me out. Even now Idaho is still utilizing “Critical Care” medical standards (good luck getting any sort of bed or surgery). Glad I work alone now

  2. jrkrideau says

    Spring semester advising continues on top of the usual workload.

    Your students have advisors? Back in my day in a Canadian Uni we got a 400 pg. “Calander” and were on our own.

  3. chrislawson says

    At least you didn’t gather firewood, so your neighbours probably won’t stone you to death.

  4. Kevin Karplus says

    Sunday is a day of rest—once you retire. And not just Sundays!

    All I did today was eat breakfast, bicycle up to campus to retrieve the purple beans I had bought at the farmstand on Friday and then forgotten to bring home from the grad-office refrigerator, walk to the grocery store to get oatmeal and vegetables, waste some time on the r/Professors subreddit, and take a nap. Oh, and I ate a few of the cherry tomatoes off the vines on the driveway. Very different from the marathon grading sessions of last year!

    Yesterday my wife and I did our weekly long walk—about 8.8 miles including lunch at a distance coffee shop, which is about all I did yesterday (other than Reddit and a nap).

  5. davidc1 says

    @2 Talking of soft drinks ,during the recent cop-out bean feast in Scotland ,the natives introduced
    Irn-Bru to the unsuspecting delegates .