Those uppity women…no longer controlled by fear of dinosaurs

What a charmer. This guy, Sean Parnell, is running for the Pennsylvania senate with Donald Trump’s blessing, and is facing charges of spousal abuse. His ex-wife has had two protections from abuse orders on him. He’s a thoroughly unpleasant person, as you can tell from this outburst.

The idea that a woman doesn’t need a man to be successful… the idea that a woman can live a happy and fulfilling life without a man, I think it’s all nonsense.

I am gonna say something very un-pc, I reject this study wholesale. I feel like the whole happy wife, happy life nonsense has done nothing but raise one generation of women tyrants after the next.

Maybe it is just now there is an entire generation of men that don’t want to put up with the bs of a high-maintenance, narcissistic woman.

It used to be, you know, women were attracted to your strength because you could defend them from dinosaurs.

The whole rant is just hateful and nuts, but I do confess I laughed out loud at the stupidity of that last comment.


  1. Artor says

    Well, our governing bodies are infested with dinosaurs to this day, and I’m glad there are certain women fighting to put an end to them.

  2. Ed Seedhouse says

    Well, last I heard, birds are considered to be dinosaurs, although PZ has more expertise so I would accept a correction of course. Still, sticking with the point for effect, I doubt this idiot could fend of a herd of pigeons, let alone chickens!

    I know I couldn’t.

  3. PaulBC says

    The idea that a woman doesn’t need a man to be successful… the idea that a woman can live a happy and fulfilling life without a man, I think it’s all nonsense.

    Not Catholic, I take it.

    I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I don’t know how it turned into the state of Rick Santorum, Pat Toomey, and now this guy. The rural parts have always been kind of bizarre, but how can they be setting the tone for the whole state?

  4. says

    A white supremacist wants a return to the days when men could beat and rape women forced into marrying them (because women had no other options in society).

    All red hat, no chattel.

  5. lanir says

    … Is this a scumbag courtship ritual? If I tell him what a useless asshole I think he is, will he be insulted or think I’m making a pass at him?

    These are the kinds of random things I think of when confronted with this degree of nonsense.

  6. says

    What amazes me is that some guys apparently think that the only reason a woman would ever want to be with them is if the alternative is for her to literally die.
    I mean, they’re likely right, but why would you admit it in public?

  7. birgerjohansson says

    Make the GOP own the kooks. Remind voters about the creeps in that party, from Roy Moore to (insert long list).

  8. birgerjohansson says

    In the film(s), female dinosaurs did not take any shit. I look forward to Mrs Dinosaur savaging him in court, and elsewhere.

  9. Bruce says

    Everything about prehistory that Parnell “knows”, he learned from the early acting career of Raquel Welch.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    If these wankers were dumped on a savannah, they would be eaten before they had a chance to starve to death.
    The idea if these pasty white dorks being ‘alpha’ anything is ridicilous.

  11. raven says

    What amazes me is that some guys…

    What amazes me is that this sick in the head creepy troll will likely be elected in the Pennsylvania district he is running in.

    Being a raging woman hater and a total idiot about history and reality won’t be a problem for GOP voters. They’ve elected worse and just recently with Marjorie Greene, DeathSantis, Abbott of Texas, Ted Cruz, Gozar, Gaetz, etc..

  12. stroppy says

    PaulBC @6
    As they say, “Pennsylvania is Pittsburg and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle.”

    birgerjohansson @16
    “…dumped on a savannah…”
    He’s an ex-Army Ranger. It’s possible that he’d do alright. In fact, I’d be concerned about the damage he’d do, and that’s part of the problem.

    My understanding is that these guys are supposed to be deprogrammed before being discharged. I’m not seeing it.

  13. raven says

    This is BTW, yet again another example of fundie xian/GOP family values.

    The fundie xians have higher rates of divorce, child abuse, and child sexual abuse than the general population.
    A large part of it is due to embedded patriarchy and institutionalized misogyny.

    The GOP used to claim to stand for family values and fiscal responsibility and said so often.
    The don’t even bother any more.
    These days they stand for racism, misogyny, hate, and support terrorism.

  14. R. L. Foster says

    PaulBC @6: That’s pretty much spot on. My wife’s family is from Carrolltown and I can attest to its hard core conservatism. It is like a small town in Alabama. It’s almost exclusively White. (I’ve never seen a person of color there.) The coal mines closed years ago so there’s not much good paying work. Most of the younger generation went to college and moved away. Those who remain tend to be older. They watch Fox. They’re extremely religious. The local Catholic church is always full on Sundays. It’s a MAGA hotspot.

  15. PaulBC says

    R. L. Foster@20 I went to Penn State and had friends from all over, though I’m from Philly. I know someone who moved to a rural part of western PA and it’s just as you say. I was there once or twice in the mid-90s when I discovered they’d turned into dittoheads. Probably Trump voters now. I am afraid to ask.

  16. stroppy says

    My experience with central Pennsylvania (back in the day, anyway) was that there was widespread racism mostly in the soft to moderate range. The really hard core stuff tended to be more in the north, but last time I checked, York continues to have long standing racial turmoil as well. In any case there’s enough of it out there that it wouldn’t take too much prompting to raise the temperature.

    I haven’t made a study of this so the usual caveats about personal observations apply.

  17. PaulBC says

    stroppy@23 I suspect there’s a strong difference in the type of racism, but not the severity, depending on whether there are any Black people at all or the hatred is purely theoretical. York has a sizeable Black population compared to rural PA. My only real experience with that city was passing through sometimes between Baltimore and State College in the mid-90s. I had a bunch of friends from Harrisburg.

    I grew up in white suburbs of Philadelphia (now more diverse, e.g. with a lot of Asian professionals), and you’d hear racist “jokes” and stereotypes in the 70s that nobody would get away with today. There has definitely been improvement, but that’s a big reason for current backlash. I have mixed feelings about living in the Bay Area. People generally seem liberal, but there are so few Black people around here, aside from a few places like Oakland, that it just isn’t real.

  18. PaulBC says

    stroppy@25 Sure. There are no unambiguous definitions. In plain language, it is easy to say you’re not bigoted against any particular group if you have never met anyone from that group and had your preconceptions challenged. It’s also possible that you’re bigoted anyway and engage in stereotypes about people you have literally never encountered even once in your life. By contrast, when you have communities living in proximity, you may have “turmoil” as you put it. There is not a lot of turmoil between groups when one group is entirely absent. There may be other consequences to bigotry, such as in voting or whether other groups feel welcome entering your community.

    “Severity” is meaningless (no total ordering on hate). My point, put more plainly, is that you can’t really say you’re not bigoted if you are so insulated that there is no way in which being bigoted or not would change your behavior (roughly what I meant by “theoretical”).

    In personal terms, I was raised not to be a racist and my parents left no doubt about it. But it’s still kind of a big joke when I grew up in a place where at that point in time the presence of a single Black person at a shopping mall would have raised eyebrows. I am happy that I got to experience a lot more of the world later in life.

  19. stroppy says

    PaulBC @ 27

    Well, I think we categorize things differently. Unconscious bias is soft, lynching is hard. That’s fairly standard terminology in political discussions when developing different approaches and practical responses and remedies for racism.

    Other that that, I’ll just add that the area is permeated with history, particularly the civil war. A lot of people have very deep roots there, and I can tell you that it’s not that hard for people to carry very mixed ideas and feelings that are contradictory at the same time, all the while being in flux.

  20. PaulBC says


    Well, I think we categorize things differently. Unconscious bias is soft, lynching is hard. That’s fairly standard terminology in political discussions when developing different approaches and practical responses and remedies for racism.

    I was relating my experience, not intending to develop approaches or practical responses. Sorry (not sorry) if it’s not up to your standards of discourse.

  21. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    If personal responsibility meant something to conservatives, they’d think that maybe the guys who can’t keep their hands to themselves act as a pretty spectacular condemnation of the idea that a woman relying on a man is a good pathway to security, and that they should be policing this behavior with the same kind of social coercion Big Daddy Peterson wanted to use to get incels laid.

  22. rietpluim says

    In a domestic abuse case, nothing demonstrates your innocence better than contempt for women. /s