Say you’re out trick-or-treating tonight

You want to recognize our house. First tip is that it’s pumpkin-colored. Then look for the giant red-eyed glowing spider over the door, and the blinking lights of the smaller male climbing the wall to reach her. That’s us! We’re giving out M&Ms and peanut butter cups.

Also, as a nice touch, the decorative stonework planter is full of nothing but thistles. The person answering the door might be my witchy-wife, because I’m still clomping about in slow motion with The Boot clamped around my ankle.


  1. maireaine46 says

    Great spider Halloween decor! We have a spider on the door. I also enjoyed your call to the Demons, so true, the horrors that have been done and continue to be done in the name of faith.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    A suggestion for next Halloween: Dobson Flies, also known as Hellgrammites . Their larval form is uglier than Mitch McDonnel’s saggy backside, and scarier.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    (purrs like an unusually bloodthirsty cat, dreaming of murder)
    God Awful Movies have selected “Finding Jesus” as the next film. According to IMDB it belongs to the bottom sediment, at 1 out of 10.