Friday Cephalopod: What’s nightmarish about this?

Sure, yeah, you could imagine long slimy tentacles reaching out of the water and grabbing you and dragging you down into the depths, but maybe someone just wants to give you a hug.


  1. daved says

    It is said that humans have had a similar experience. There were reports of giant squid grabbing sailors out of lifeboats in Newfoundland during WW II.

  2. René says

    As to grabbing a decapod crustacean, methinks it comes handy when your eight hands can think for themselves. (And having a beak that zincs.)

  3. davidc1 says

    Fecking hell ,comes to something when a poor crustacean can’t go for a paddle .
    I must say that Octopus was quick off the mark ,I suppose you could say he is now
    going to Buster Crabb .

  4. dali70 says

    Just wait till they finally decide to come up from the depths and take over the galaxy!
    All hail our cephalopod overlords!

  5. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    Oh, something actually reasonably local to me. (As in less than a day’s drive away). It’s the small ones with the blue rings that humans have to worry about here though.