I was visited by an angel this morning

She was a very tiny angel. As I was making coffee, she slowly descended on a silken thread to float in front of my face. She was minuscule, little more than a dust mote, almost invisible.

She whispered an important message to me, though.

“We are all of us tiny and insignificant in an immense world. Most likely I would have descended before someone who wouldn’t even notice me. If I were noticed by a person, they most likely would destroy me. By purest chance, though, I have appeared before one of the few people who would be delighted to see me.”

“Remember your place in the universe, that you are both a victim and agent of fate, and be kind.”

Then she was nice enough to let me snap a few blurry photos before I released her back into the house. She was the first Steatoda triangulosa of the spring, you know.


  1. nomdeplume says

    Yes, and she is sharing a space with you, but conducting her own life in parallel with yours.

  2. jrkrideau says

    I think her cousin showed up in my bathroom sink this morning. Washing one’s hands as a spider rappels across a good portion of the bowl can be interesting.

  3. maireaine46 says

    Spider Angel is telling you be kind to the evil cat too, another living creature who was already traumatized before you got him. When is Mary coming home? Hoping you can relax and play with spiders all summer.

  4. Silentbob says

    According to the legends of my ancestors, it was a wee spider that liberated Scotland from the English.

    Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scots in 1306 and led Scotland to victory in the First War of Scottish Independence against the English. The king who won Scotland’s independence–it’s no wonder he lives on in legend as a national hero.

    Things weren’t always so sunny for King Robert, and that’s where the spider comes into the story. After the English repeatedly defeated his armies, the famed King of Scots was forced into hiding. Legend has it that when Robert’s spirits were broken, he took refuge in a cave. Sitting in the cave, he noticed a small spider attempting to weave a web.

    The spider tried and failed over and over. Each time the spider fell, it climbed back up to try again. Finally, the spider’s silk took hold, and the spider managed to spin a web.

    Robert the Bruce saw himself reflected in the spider’s struggle. After watching the spider finally succeed, Robert found the inspiration to return and fight the English despite overwhelming odds.

    He was victorious against the King of England in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. This triumph ultimately turned the tides towards later winning the independence of Scotland in 1328.

    Alba gu bràth wee spider!