Sigh of relief

I shackled myself to the computer today, and I can now report that every assignment, lab report, exam, and term paper for all three of my courses have been read and evaluated and scores entered into my Canvas class page.

I have a few more trivial things to do: I have to download everything into my laptop spreadsheet, because Canvas is too stupid to do normalization and important things like dropping the lowest exam score, as I told my genetics students I would do. I am, however, too brain-dead to do that right now, especially since the Evil Cat decided to deny me many hours of sleep last night. So I’ll do the finicky grade massaging tomorrow morning, and then submit all the grades to the registrar, and be done with this hellish academic year.

OK, so tonight I plan to veg out to something stupid on Netflix or whatever. I’ll have to see what’s available, and it better be really stupid, because I may pass out in the middle of it.


  1. says

    Canvas is capable of dropping the lowest exam score (as I have it doing for my classes), but normalization is another matter. I’ve always preferred having scores in a spreadsheet where I can work them over directly. One of my students contacted me today to ask whether I would follow through on dropping the semester’s low exam score, as promised in the syllabus. This dismayed me, because Canvas is already displaying the average of his top six scores (out of seven), but he couldn’t tell. I guess he was hoping for a boost in his grade. Nope. Already baked in. (And this from a math student!)

  2. says

    Canvas can do it? I don’t want to know, because Canvas is already a pain in the ass and I don’t want to have to dig into its bowels to figure out how everything works. Especially since my U just up and changed from Blackboard to Canvas a couple of years ago, and who knows whether they might decide to flip the table again.

  3. says

    I’ve been vegging with old Sherlock Holmes movies from the 40s there’s tons of them on YouTube and they are very chill. Before that I watched 9 seasons of Colombo. Good stuff. Fun to watch and just engaging enough.

  4. PaulBC says

    I binged watched all 8 episodes of Shadow and Bone over just a few days. It depends on how stupid you want, so it may not qualify. I would not calling it demanding though.

  5. says

    I gave up on my plans. Instead of surrendering to an evening of entertainment, I went ahead and finalized all the grades and submitted them to the registrar, because I am one sick puppy.

  6. says

    When my college district got into online instruction several years ago, Blackboard was the thing. Everyone was supposed to use Blackboard! Then the district switched to Desire2Learn, because D2L was so much better. Everyone was supposed to use D2L! Then we abandoned D2L in favor of Canvas, because Canvas surpasses D2L—and everyone should learn to use Canvas because we’re going to stick with it. Forever! Maybe. But we did all have to learn Canvas because the pandemic pushed everyone online for many months. I can hardly wait to be rid of it.

  7. whheydt says

    As for relaxing things to watch…there are some live webcams pointed at the active volcanic vent in Iceland.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    The Evil Cat is telling you you should move out to a tent, so he can have some privacy and ask his evil friends over for beer.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    whheydt @7
    The overhead drone films of the lava river is f☆*#ng mental!

    (looks at basalt moonscape) I se the GOP alternative infrastructure plan is getting along.

  10. jrkrideau says

    I have to download everything into my laptop spreadsheet

    Oh dear, spreadsheets are so bad that i hesitate to use them for grocery lists.

  11. kenbakermn says

    I’ve had days like that. I highly recommend the early Seinfeld episodes.

  12. Nice Ogress says

    Well, there’s always Minecraft. Relaxing, chillaxing, full of spiders…

  13. christoph says

    If my cat acts up in the middle of the night and wakes me up, I just yell “FUCK!” real loud, and he settles right down. You should try that.