1. says

    100% team spider. They’re quiet. They mind their own business. Flies buzz around and annoy me to no end. Trying to read a book or go to sleep and all I hear is “BUUUUZZZZZZZ BUZZ BUZZ”. Damn it spiders! I’m letting you stay here rent free, at least kill that MF! My house spiders are apparently very lazy.

  2. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    Team spider, with the proviso that if your legspan is 2 inches or more we will get along best if I don’t see you. The spider that crawled down the couch yesterday while I was sitting on it was much smaller, maybe 1cm diameter legspan. I dusted it onto the floor and reminded it that the ants are near the sliding door as it walked away.

    Carpenter ants, OTOH, get dusted straight into the toilet with a dash of soap.