It’s snowing and raining, how am I supposed to find spiders?

Once again, it’s cold and nasty out there, unfit weather for any arachnid, so I’m going to be frustrated a while longer. Fortunately, a reader sent me a link to a page documenting the spiders of Portugal, and lovely spiders they are. Spiders are the international language!

I think this means I have to book a flight to Lisbon right away. It’s a mensagem de Deus!


  1. blf says

    Dunno about spiders in Lisboa (or Iberia in general), but I certainly recommend visiting (pandemic permitting)! I had a brilliant holiday week there many yonks ago, and very much want to return.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Re. the suggestion from intransitive @ 2, I have already ordered an SF book for PZ through the work address with the hope it may help you unwind after this intense and back-breaking period.
    “A Memory Called Empire” has received high praise in reviews.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    35 years ago today…
    April 26th, reactor four underwent spontaneous non-discursive disassembly.

    The world outside USSR did not learn about it until local radiation sensors outside a Swedish nuclear powerplant noticed radiation was getting high. The local functionaries had some tense hours before they realised their plant was OK, and meteorologists quickly worked out the real source.

  4. says

    (Luker since 2005 here.) Come over any time, PZ, and I’ll show you around. Finally a visting guest who appreciates the creepy crawlies!

    (@blf: i.m.o., better "Lisbon" in English text, otherwise feels annoyingly exotifying, not to mention few would manage to utter the local "Lzhboar".)