1. blf says

    A diet of spiders, I mean flies, and water, for the flies, I mean spiders. No vin. No cheese. Not even any chocolate! Just blue “oatmeal”, for the spiders, I mean flies.

    We’re probably lucky poopyhead is experimenting on flies. I mean spiders. If it were, say, sharks, his confusion between dinner and diner could be less, I mean more, amusing, I mean pointed.

    This video probably does not contain any asparagus, I mean nuts.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Food sanitarian

    One does not wash one’s hands before removing a face mask. Touching the mask contaminates the hands! One never touches face/hair/mask while doing food prep.

    One washes the hands for~ 40 sec in hot water and soap just before touching the food.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Slightly OT: Tarantulas are now believed to have originated 120 mya and spread to six continents- including beyond the Wallace line, showing they are quite talented dispersers.
    (See Saoirse Foley, Carnegie Mellon University)