What is a “day off”?

I arranged my schedule this semester to have no classes on Friday — I knew it was going to be a rough term, and having that extra free day to get caught up was going to be useful. Except…having no scheduled commitments meant that Fridays were going to be a magnet for all the other little events that turned up. So, today, my “free day”, is booked up with student appointments all morning and into the early afternoon. Calendars abhor blank white days, I guess.

However, I will be free at 1:30, and then I’m off to the lab to attempt some controlled matings of young spiders. I might be disappointed (they really are on the small young side), but the fun is in the trying. I’ll be recording the whole show, so later tonight or tomorrow I might be able to treat you to some spider porn. Hopefully, not vore porn. Or not some angsty teen drama where the protagonists all pointedly ignore each other at the dance.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    What little I’ve seen of spider mating has somewhat disappointed.

    With eight limbs apiece, they really ought to go at it a lot more imaginatively…

  2. kestrel says

    Maybe it’s like “spare time”. As in, what do you do in your “spare time”? Can’t answer the question as I have no idea what “spare time” even is.