Grrrr, goddamned atheists

I really don’t like hearing from this atheist organization, ever, but here they come with more petty, ugly news.

Possible theft of AAI subscriber data
AAI employed Courtney Heard and Bridget Gaudette as Co-Executive Directors starting January 16, 2020. They resigned 32 days later and immediately set up their own organization named the International Association of Atheists, IAA.

Months after they left, we received complaints from some of our newsletter subscribers who had received marketing emails from IAA but had not signed up for them. We launched an investigation and invited IAA to explain how their emails had been sent to our subscribers.

IAA admitted they had a file in their possession which is held securely. We asked them to delete the file and certify it has been deleted and not shared with any third party but we have been unable to reach an agreement with IAA on how this should be done.

Consequently, tomorrow we will issue a public ultimatum to IAA: either they destroy our data and certify that, or we will report the incident for law enforcement authorities to investigate.

We are very sorry this has happened. Please reply to this email if you have received unsolicited emails from IAA or if you have any questions.

If this happened, I condemn it strongly. Some of you may recall that I cussed out Answers in Genesis, because Ken Ham also did exactly this, walking off with the mailing list from the Australian parent organization. This would be the same thing.

I will note, however, that I get email from AAI all the time, usually bragging about some ghastly regressive executive promotion or appointment, while I’ve never seen a single message from IAA.


  1. sc_e7cb37166b0ed7e2545034076d87e16c says

    This is some “People’s Front of Judea” vs “Judean People’s Front” level nonsense….WTF!?

  2. hemidactylus says

    Didn’t South Park foretell these sorts of acronymic atheist rifts so long ago? I’m with the sea otters.

  3. chrislawson says

    I checked out the IAA’s website. They seem pretty decent and focussed on humanist and humanitarian goals rather than empire building (for instance their “pledge” includes to “make the atheist community more inclusive so everyone leaving their faith feels welcome”).

    But of course, anyone can put up a nice website and it doesn’t bode well if they nabbed the AAI’s subscriber list.

  4. A Sloth named Sparkles says

    This whole fiasco feels like that one South Park episode about Nintendo Wii & atheists.