One of the advantages of teaching over Zoom…

The students are free to suck on flies all hour long!

Which reminds me…I have to go open the fly lab right now.


  1. says

    The absolute advantage is that you can just mute the student who keeps being loud, thus denying them your attention and having enough attention left for those who want to learn something

  2. says

    That thing genuinely made my day yesterday. I spent five minutes laughing with tears. It’s exactly the kind of silly things we need right now: a genuine funny thing without any real hurt.
    In guess that “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” cartoon was actually drawn by cats to set us on the wrong trail. It would explain a lot about the internet…

  3. PaulBC says

    CR@1 Good point. Maybe the spiders are doing a dramatic reenactment of Lakatos’ Proofs and Refutations. I really like that book. In fact, it’s probably the only philosophy book I have ever managed to make it through and (I think) get the point. It is also a fairly realistic representation of how people arrive at true theorems, at least in my experience.

  4. davidc1 says

    @4 Glad you liked it ,there is another clip out there of people who have the cat face filter on themselves with
    their cats held in their laps .
    The way the cats react to their staff appearing to have cat faces on the screen is very funny .

  5. davidc1 says

    @8 Didn’t say anything about him person wise ,i just found it funny he could not get the cat face filter off his laptop.
    I stayed in the Marathon Motel for a few days in August 2009 which is just down the road from Alpine ,well a few miles down the road .
    The cops must be bored rigid ,it is such a small town ,doing drug raids must be one of the perks of the job .