1. says

    That “publication” has caused me no end of angst. Epoch Times was a major source of election fraud claims and conspiracy theories. Their anti-science nonsense is a sad waste of trees.

  2. cartomancer says

    Silly PZ, you’re supposed to use the Epoch Times to line the litter box. Then it’s easier to clean from time to time, and more absorbent.

  3. christoph says

    I’ve seen the ads for Epoch Times on YouTube because I’m too cheap to pay for a subscription without ads. If the paper is the same as the ads, it’s all filler and no substance.

  4. says

    But the guy who shills for the “Epoch Times” is so clean-cut and confident in his bald-faced lies! He makes me think at times that he actually believes that nonsense (instead of merely purveying it for a fee).

  5. numerobis says

    christoph: it’s got substance. It’s a far-right rag, filled with substantial lies.

    PZ: I understand the litter and paper in the trash. But the banana peel? Don’t you have compost?

  6. bcw bcw says

    It’s OK for what comes out of the litter box but don’t line your cat’s litter box with the Epoch Times, cats get enough crazy and dangerous ideas as it is.

  7. robro says

    Ray Ceeya @ #13 — Interesting. I’ve never thought of cats in political term other than “imperial” or “imperious”.

  8. blf says

    @16, I presume you followed the link (which is to another comment here at FtB, and gives its source), and hence is meant jokingly… if not, then for all of the answers to those questions, look in a mirror.

  9. says

    @17 I followed, I just didn’t get your point and context. I kept re-reading, and I was guessing you were using “teh” sarcastically but typing like a drunk while trying to communicate meaningful information was confusing to me.

  10. blf says

    @18, Ah… Quick decoding:

    ● Teh epicpoo lies ⇒ The Epoch Times (massive shite); and
    ● Teh thug party (or, simply, thugs) ⇒ Republican party (thug is from rethuglican).

    As an aside, teh dummies are Democrats;
    and teh loonytarians are Libertarians.
    In teh “U”K (figure that out) the nasty party are the Conservatives;
    and here in France, teh le penazis are Le Pen’s fascists (now called teh Rassemblement national, formerly teh Front national).

  11. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Anyone seen Kristi Winters calling out Carl of Swindon on his attempts to defend the Times?