Well, that was a day

The first day of in-person lab was as difficult as expected. Add to my earlier complaints: I forgot about the strain of standing for 5 hours, and most annoyingly, there was a problem with the building’s heating, and the lab was at 13°C all afternoon. I was shivering the whole time.

But I made it. Now collapsing into a chair, turning off my brain, trying to get warm.


  1. unbelievingdwindler says

    I’m going to be building stairs outside tomorrow. Forecast is high of -27 Celsius. I like the cold up here in Deline, NWT on Great Bear Lake.

    Hope you get your heat working PZ.

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin offers the EzBrainy switch to turn ones brain on and off. Usually, she admits, just off, since once off, one forgets not only how to turn it back on again, but that there is anything to turn on. Hence the ReBrainy, which is an ExBriany with a timer, which turns the brain on (or off) at a specified time, or after a specified amount of time. Just don’t let the batteries run down, especially when the brain is off. There is also the MyBrainy, which is connected to an app or the Internet, allowing hackers to turn your brain on or off for you.

    Batteries and installation surgery not included. May contain nuts.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Maybe the Republicans in the state will “solve’ the problem by handing out Pervetin to the teachers? You know, like ‘panzerskokolade’ . 😁