We have been invited to visit Wisconsin this weekend

Iliana suggested that we might like to drive, drive, drive to come play with her this weekend, and if the weather allows, we might just make the trip. How could we resist?

Unfortunately, this does mean I have to get all my prep work for next week’s classes done in the next few days. It’ll be worth it, though!


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Enjoy your time in WI. You will find that a lot of it is just like Morris and it’s surroundings. Pockets of enlightenment in a sea of reactionary racism and white entitlement. If I remember properly you will be going to Eau Claire. A good University town. The physics dept is kind of odd. A good friend is a prof there. I think he is dept chair again too.

  2. magistramarla says

    We have a hell of a storm coming ashore here in California this week, bringing an incredible amount of rain.
    I’m wondering if it will bring a lot of snow to the Midwest once it crosses the mountains.
    Keep a close watch on the weather before you start driving, PZ!

  3. maireaine46 says

    Hoping you can go, and have a safe trip. She is so cute and sure to cheer you up. Send her a toy spider!