Showing their teeth as a sign of smug arrogance

Oh look! It’s Officer Friendly! He looks nice, all clean cut and smiling, like he belongs on a poster for community outreach.

He has a Parler account where he brags about wanting to murder nurses who give vaccines, and an assortment of liberal politicians. He wants to smash down their doors and shoot them.

He has quite the gun collection, naturally.

He has also been fired.

Oh look! It’s a cheerful white woman! She’s some kind of upper-level Karen, though. Notice the Trump hat, and the mask shielding her chin in case it explodes. It’s not obvious from the photo, but she got her picture snapped as she was saying, “Have a nice day, n****r!”

She had boarded a plane in Seattle and refused to wear a face mask during the flight. She just stood there grinning, forcing the airline to disembark all the other passengers so the police could kick them off the plane.

She and her friend have been banned for life from ever flying on Frontier Airlines.

Yeesh. Happy smiling white people are the scariest monsters of them all.


  1. hemidactylus says

    The officer’s separation from employment lends new meaning to Ferris Bueller’s days off. Sorry. Uncanny resemblance.

  2. raven says

    Whenever you have hate speech, you have hate violence.

    There has been some right wingnut domestic terrorism violence in the last few weeks, but not much.
    Kyle Rittenhouse killed two protesters in Kenosha Wisconsin.
    One thug shot a protester in Olympia.
    A plot to kill the Michigan state governor.
    A heavily armed man was arrested at night in Governor Sununu’s backyard in New Hampshire.
    They damaged the Oregon State Capital trying to break in.
    Not much so far anyway.

    I’ve been saying for months now that we are due for some sort of mass shooting event where one of these guys all dressed up with nowhere to go empties their AR-15 clip into a crowd.
    Much to my surprise, it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. komarov says

    That woman amazes me. There’s the happy smile of someone who is proud to waste almost literally everybody’s time in defence of their own personal freedom, although the “own personal” bit is usually not said out loud*. It must cost a small fortune to empty out and reseat a jet full of people at a busy airport to remove one or two people, and I’m hoping the bills from the airline and airport end up in the right place, i.e. the same woman’s mail slot.

    At any rate, maybe some new security procedures could avoid this in the future. Does singling out maga-hatted passengers count as racial profiling? Would this be bad? Someone please give Sam Harris a call; we simply cannot have this discussion without a morality and airport security expert on hand.

    *Maybe to avoid seeming arrogant or selfish. But if you’re the last person on a plane as everyone else has left just to get rid of you that ship might have sailed despite having to dis- and re-embark once or twice.

    Re: #2:

    The deciding factors will be how long the job application is in neighbouring counties and how quickly the applicant can type. Maybe also the only factors.

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    “ He has also been fired.”

    Don’t worry, his police union will make a stink and he’ll be hired back. Then he can go back to menacing his community.

  5. microraptor says

    I assume that MAGAKaren was escorted out of the airport under armed guard in order to protect her from having that idiotic grin ripped off her face by the other passengers?

  6. raven says

    Why did they have to empty the whole plane?

    To keep the other passengers from getting injured or contaminated with Covid-19 virus, in case there was a violent struggle.

    This woman is after all, a plague rat.

  7. chigau (違う) says

    Why did they have to empty the whole plane?

    So there would be no witnesses to the beating.

  8. Pierce R. Butler says

    Did the security people who presumably removed the Trump™ Chumps® from the plane wear hazmat suits?

    What did Frontier Airlines do to decontaminate the interior of their plane?

  9. garnetstar says

    raven @4, you’re not the only one asking why serious violence hasn’t happened yet. I even read a long news article wondering about it yesterday. It speculated that one reason might be that Trump’s lawsuits kept them happy and busy in their fantasy world: their powerful god-leader is taking action, making all the right moves, and will win!

    Trump has apparently claimed that he will “keep fighting” in the courts even after Jan. 6, which, if the above has any truth, may help. Poor judges, though!

  10. bcw bcw says

    The cops didn’t have to interact with the MAGA women on the plane since everyone was made to get off.

    Whenever I hear people asking how can people be so cheerful about being evil, I just remember the photographs from a hundred years ago of the happy smiling families posing while picnicking in front of lynchings or of concentration camp guards with their families at church.

  11. garnetstar says

    Don’t know if MAGAs know this, but airlines don’t have their own security. When they call someone to remove you from a plane, it’s the city police, and if you resist, they arrest you (after the beating).

    So, hope the MAGAs in this case got what was coming to them, and they really should let their compatriots know, so that fewer will grin so proudly as they obstruct airplaines. (Imagine spending hundreds, or more, on plane tickets just so that you can grin like that.)

  12. nomdeplume says

    Are people like Hoffman choosing to join police forces because they are already right wing thugs, or do they become like that after joining police forces?

  13. unclefrogy says

    how proud that women looks being singled out with her 15 min of fame.saying look at me I am such a proud fool!

    the police officer will not find it all that hard to get re-employed some where weather re-hired by the same city or some were else. He would be a great prospect for a lead officer position at a private security company
    He will still be around causing problems.
    uncle frogy

  14. DanDare says

    There are at least 70 million of these folks in your country. Enough to be a major democratic force. It is scary.

  15. VolcanoMan says

    I dunno. I could get behind profiling people based on their MAGA hats and Confederate-flag paraphernalia. Could it be that Harris was right…just in a way that he didn’t intend or expect to be right?

    Don’t get me wrong, Harris is insufferable…but it’s a sort of serious point – the most common kind of terrorist in the US is the right-wing conspiracy-theory militia type…basically, the loons with all the guns and no grip on reality. I don’t think I mind Trumpkins getting profiled, since they’re FAR more likely to harm people or cause a disruption than the average brown person. Just sayin’.

  16. DrVanNostrand says

    Are people like Hoffman choosing to join police forces because they are already right wing thugs, or do they become like that after joining police forces?


  17. says

    Harris was saying people should be profiled for skin color, nose shape, hair texture – not just obvious clothing like a headscarf. Don’t let him off so easily.

    He said something to the effect of profiling people who look like him. I.e: he was appealing to a 19th century stereotype of semitic peoples.

    He also managed to avoid Schneier’s point that the 9/11 hijackers deliberately dressed to break the profile. Harris is an intellectually dishonest clown.

  18. VolcanoMan says

    Yeah…or he’s just blind to his own biases, and absolutely unable to recognize that legitimate terrorists just might be smarter than he gives them credit for (as in, they might recruit people who don’t “look Muslim”). He’s like most of America really – nobody figured an attack on the scale of 9/11 was possible. And the entire strategy of the TSA against “terrorism” in the years following 2001 has involved “fighting the last war,” so to speak…guarding (poorly) against the ways the system was beaten in the past. Someone tries to use binary liquid explosives to take down a plane…gotta ban liquids! Someone tried to blow up their shoe? Gotta take your shoes off so they can be x-rayed! So…I see nothing particularly unique about Harris here.

    Continuing on the “blind to his own biases” theme, he actually claimed once that he DIDN’T HAVE AN IDENTITY, so he simply couldn’t be engaged in “identity politics.” I think he’s just…mildly intelligent (booksmart), somewhat precocious as a child (so he really was ahead of his peers, and he got used to feeling smarter than everyone else), and ultra-privileged, and he’s begun to believe that because he’s good at a couple things (certainly rhetoric…he knows how to frame an argument so that it appears rational to someone who is already sympathetic to his perspective…and possibly…neuroscience?…although I doubt very much he’s as good at that as he thinks he is), he can write and speak intelligently on any subject he chooses. He’s really no different than Dawkins…and some other scientists and science-adjacent people who haven’t quite gone down the racist rabbit-holes of 75% of the so-called Four Horsemen, but who still end up completely mischaracterizing entire fields of study because they don’t actually understand them (ahem…Michio Kaku anyone?).

    So…he’s a distraction, and it’s about time people stopped listening to his BS. He has no actual answers to the problems the world is facing…his only plans exist in his fantasy-world, where freedom of speech is under threat FROM THE LEFT, and where cancel culture is the biggest issue America faces today. I wrote him off as an idiot years ago. So…clown, yes. Intellectually dishonest? Maybe he’s just stupid and privileged…I dunno. I could be wrong.

  19. komarov says

    Maybe I should have marked the MAGA-profiling as sarcasm. Not only would it not work, it would be very much counter-productive as an invitation for more law- and rule-flouting MAGAites to show up. Dragging patient 0 with her internet fame through the courts and sticking her with the bills is probably already the best solution to this problem. Sometimes the rights of the inividual collide with those of others which can get very complicated. In this case they also collide with volumes of fine-print, terms and conditions and that’s usually a lot easier for the lawyers to sort out.

    Re: PZ

    “According to Sam Harris, profiling people by their clothing at airports is good. Therefore it is bad.”

    Sam Harris would like to rebut you in a lengthy 40,000 word back-and-forth during which he will never change his position, concede a single argument or even appear to register yours.

    Re: Marcus Ranum

    “Harris was saying people should be profiled for skin color, nose shape, hair texture – not just obvious clothing like a headscarf. Don’t let him off so easily.”

    Sam Harris and his fans are appalled at how you misrepresent and / or misundertand his point of view, perhaps deliberately and maliciously so, and pre-emptively object to you quoting his exact words in context to make your case.

    Incidentally, I am available for booking as a Sam Harris double (I’m sure everyone’s very keen). For the sake of artistic integrity I am forced to charge the same as Sam Harris does. My hands are tied on this, sorry.

  20. mamba says

    Oh I don’t know about the profiling being a bad idea based on the hats and the like…

    After all, what is the issue with profiling now? It’s that we’re saying “You LOOK like you have a belief” and that is wrong to just say on sight that someone believes , right? A turban or a headscarf or a hoodie does not automatically mean criminal activity or religious issues, right?

    Well a MAGA hat DOES say those things. When someone wears one of those, they ARE EXPRESSLY saying they believe various things…that’s literally why they wore the hat. And unlike a headscarf where there is room for interpretation as to what the wearer specifically personally believes, with a MAGA hat there is no subtle nuance. They chose that on purpose. It’s like wearing a t-shirt that says “Don’t thread on me” with a snake and a confederate flag. It’s explicit!

    So yea, no MAGA hats allowed…the wearer is guaranteed to be a problem. Profiling done right…based on example and experience and actually listening to the person rather than blind racism.