No rest for the weary

Time to crash down into reality. Meet Bob Good, the newly elected congressvermin from Virginia.

You think electing Biden made everything all better? Think again.

  • Virginia just elected a Trumpkin. He’s going to be poisoning congress for the next few years.
  • He’s addressing a rally of unmasked people, not wearing a mask.
  • His message is that we have a very serious virus, but the pandemic is fake.

Huh. The US didn’t suddenly become smarter on 4 November. I guess the work has only just begun.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    The irony is that – in terms of economy- Good and the Biden administration have mostly the same worldview.
    But the MAGA crowd do not want to apply a reality-based approach on things like public health. And Good et al are also compelled to do a lot of virtue signalling to the Religious Right, and to bigots. So there will be a lot of name-calling.
    This will in no way prevent the Democratic congresscritters from agreeing on a lot of very bad “bipartisan” decisions, nor will Biden use his presidential veto.

  2. raven says

    …but the pandemic is fake.

    So those 300,000 dead from the virus are really just crisis actors?
    How much do they get paid for pretending to be dead for the next few decades?
    This is going to be an expensive fake pandemic.

    White House security official loses right foot to COVID-19 … › Politics › News

    19 hours ago — The head of the White House security office, Crede Bailey, had a part of his lower right leg and the big toe of his left foot amputated because of COVID-19, …

    How much do crisis actors get paid to have one of their feet cut off?
    I’d like to know because the same thing recently happened to someone I know.
    They will be able to party for a long time as soon as they finish learning how to walk again.

  3. PaulBC says

    You think electing Biden made everything all better? Think again.

    Can’t say the thought even crossed my mind. I think it prevented things from getting much worse very fast. If Warnock and Ossoff can be elected, things may start to get just a little better. We’re still starting from a worse position than 12 years ago.

    Of course the Trumpkins are still out there. The question is whether they’re growing or have reached high water mark. I’m hoping for the latter.

  4. raven says

    With someone as delusional as Congressperson Good, chances are that he believes 6 other delusional things before breakfast.

    Good, 54, is a graduate of Liberty University and was formerly a branch manager at CitiFinancial.

    He is a typical fundie xian.

    During the last pandemic Swine flu 2007, fundie xians died at higher rates than the general population. They are going to do it again with Covid-19. It’s already evident in the statistics such as the out of control virus waves in the Red states.

  5. larrylyons says

    You have to understand that part of Virginia is pretty much deepest reddest Redneckistan. His 5th Congressional district in Virginia is so gerrymandered, that it carefully avoids any centerist or liberal areas. It also includes Lynchburg – where Liberty University is, stretches along the Blue Ridge up to Purcellville Virginia where Patrick Henry College is. That so called college was founded by extreme reich wingnut Michael Farris.

    Seriously this area is extreme wingnut territory. It contains the most beautiful scenery in the state and some of the ugliest wingnuts.

  6. brucegee1962 says

    This is my district. Sadly, his opponent was an actual doctor (to whom I donated quite a bit). This is a heavily gerrymandered district, though. The drive-through nominating caucus was held in the parking lot of Good’s church, so he defeated a slightly less crazy Republican, Denver Riggleman, who has been slamming Trump on the way out the door.
    Hopefully the fifth will be put into a more reasonable shape this year, and Good won’t survive the redistricting.

  7. Louis says

    Oh no. Oh no no no.

    Look, USAnians, in 2016 you tried to steal our “Stupidest Nation” title by electing Trump after we in the UK voted for Brexit (which means, I should remind you, Brexit. #SunlitUplands #BestDealEver). But you cowards couldn’t stick it out and wanted to move to a world where some semblance of common sense and reality based politics (as far as such things exist) dominated.

    Don’t try to pretend you’re all still gun-toting, mask-denying, unreasonable, well armed fascists. We see you. You’re quite intelligent and nice. You elected the right disappointing grandpa this time, you’re fooling no one. Of course you became smarter on the 4th of November, or 4/11 as it should be written, you vowel-erasing bastards. You can’t claim the number one spot for stupid any more.

    And come January the 1st (that’s 1/1…I’m watching you, don’t try to swap that around), we’ll have enstupiderised ever more. We’ll be Beyond Number One in the World’s Stupidest Nation stakes. And as everyone knows, only zero is beyond number one.



    P.S. Erm, apropos of absolutely nothing, does anyone have a spare room come January? No big reason. Happy to chip in for rent. Just me and ~16.8 million friends. We’ll be quiet and do the dishes, promise.

    P.P.S. Much of this is a joke. I have to say this because actually stupid people have ruined the internet. If you disagree, it’s you.

  8. wzrd1 says

    There is an ongoing trend of pandemic denial, while also admitting that COVID-19 exists.
    Of course, for both instances where the questioning correspondent actually had a functional brain and asked the interviewee to define what a pandemic was, the response was predictably wrong.
    Suffice it to say, I’m smelling yet another disinformation campaign, similar to one during the first wave, where denial of filled wards in our hospitals was rife, justified by a dearth of cars parked in hospital parking lots.
    Because, after all, when going by ambulance to the hospital, we all strap our cars on top of the ambulance and the valet pulls it down and parks it for us…

    It’s a very real religious delusion with them and they accept the zaniest bullshit, all to protect the chosen one, the god-king, emperor Trump.

    Another trend is, Trump will win the election because of the alternate elector system.
    I’m pretty sure that Bigfoot is a member of that one.

  9. Rich Woods says

    @raven #2:

    So those 300,000 dead from the virus are really just crisis actors?
    How much do they get paid for pretending to be dead for the next few decades?

    I’ve got it! I finally understand!

    The so-called Covid dead were all secretly rehoused by the government, with anyone not dying in Georgia being given a new life in Georgia. That’s why Trump claimed that dead people voted there, and they all voted against him by mail so their votes don’t count.

    It’s so simple. I don’t know why I didn’t realise this before. How do I let QAnon know?

  10. davidc1 says

    On behalf of the UK i think i should say sorry for @9Louis ,and his outburst ,he is obverioursy one of them deranged remoaners we have over here .
    By the way if anyone in America ,the land of the free and the home of the brave ,does have a room to rent come Jan 1st ,i would like to put a deposit down right now .
    And take of notice of what he says about most of what he has written being a joke ,he is a died in the wool remoanerr ,and not prepared to give our fine leader boris a chance ,,,,,,bollox ,can’t write that even in jest .
    The stuff Louis and myself have written is how we Brits deal with the swings and roundabouts of outragious fortune ,while inside, those of us who voted remain are quietly sobbing our little hearts out .

  11. Louis says

    I’m not crying because my government is a nasty bunch of venal, unprincipled incompetents who have thoroughly shafted the UK with both Brexit and epidemic mismanagement, you are.

    I’m not a Remainer/Remoaner I’m “Hard European”. I think the UK should adopt the Euro, enter Schengen, have closer ties to Brussels, lose the special provisions we had prior to Brexit, and in fact, do every single thing we can do to annoy Nigel Farage. I’m actually serious about that.


  12. mnb0 says

    @3 PaulBC: “We’re still starting from a worse position than 12 years ago.”
    In 2025 you Americans will be starting from a worse position than 16 years ago anyway.
    Plus due to American politics all over the world people in 2016 started from a worse position than 8 years before. Ask for instance Yemenites.

    Remarkable how quick American liberals, aka pseudo-progressives, forget.

  13. PaulBC says

    mnb0@14 As I say to all self-styled progressives (though I think you’re not even in the US, right?): get your candidates elected at a national level and I’ll be more than happy to take you seriously. Till then, you’re blowing smoke. I am not the reason Bernie Sanders was not elected president in 2016.

    Yeah, things will be worse in 2025, etc. But better than if Trump had stayed in office and received voter endorsement for every abuse of office over four years.

    I haven’t “forgotten” Obama’s drone strikes, and I also think there were serious problems even in terms of efficacy (let alone ethics) with his foreign policy of “safe and sustainable warfare” (I forget what he actually said was “safe and sustainable”).

    But there is a difference between the monster of US imperialism that has been present my whole life and new pathologies that make it even worse. I’m all on board with eliminating the former. Noam Chomsky has level many well-conceived criticisms against the status quo. Go for it! I am not standing in the way of progressives. I just haven’t seen them succeed.

  14. unclefrogy says

    of course we are in basicly the same place we were with the last major collapse, the problem was push aside and true reforms were “postponed” by just a costly partial buy out of the debts.
    If anyone thinks that they can sit back because things will be better now they are delusional.
    We are on the beach now and will not be driven off but the long slog to real change is yet to come. We have some advantage in that there does seem to be people who at least have the facts that match reality and have some basic agreement to use reason to help manage things. We are going to have to push forward and demand the changes we want and need every day it is going to be like an endless campaign and it will tax our resolve.
    I saw that Dude the other day say that and I was kind of amazed at such a stupid ignorant statement could be made and not be laughed of the stage.
    gerrymandering and voter suppression does deliver some of the stupidest disgusting people who can toe the line possible.
    uncle frogy

  15. says

    #9: We have two empty bedrooms and a bath upstairs. You’re free to move in. You don’t mind frigid snow wastelands do you? I expect that by January/February we’ll be in our usual subzero state (that’s degrees C, if you were confused.)

  16. Louis says

    #17: I positively love frigid snow wastelands, and I have Correct Views About Spiders. See you Thursday. I reckon 8.4 million Brits to a bedroom is about right. Your American houses are roomy.

    I am glad you are using a civilised temperature scale and not Fahrenheit. Which is weird and involves excessive maths.


  17. blf says

    I’ve a room in the lair which is perhaps spare, with none of that subzero stuff, but with lots of garlic, snails, frog’s legs (actually not, frog’s legs are uncommon in this area (substitute duck)), olive oil (you only need to consume about a litre a day), Pastis, and one of those weird incomprehensible non-Germanic languages, plus, during the Summer lots of long pigs sun-drying themselves on the Mediterranean beaches (and no, you don’t have to be topless). Of course, an EU passport and currency would help. So would various precautions to help in shooing the mildly deranged penguin out of the way (mostly cheese, of course, but none of that British Industrial Cheddar abomination).

  18. Louis says

    @22, David

    I can assure you I haven’t. :-)

    (The meme “I’m not crying about X, you are.” is about the pretence that one is not crying oneself, but that the other person is the one doing the crying, when obviously one is actually crying)


  19. davidc1 says

    @22 Not a drop of humour in that reply .And if you are not on the verge of tears ,if not actually sobbing your heart out at what the tories and that twat faced git fargo has done to the UK ,you must have a heart of stone .

  20. Rich Woods says

    @Louis #13:

    I’m all in favour of annoying Nigel Farage, given the harm the ignorant racist fuckwit has entirely unnecessarily inflicted on the country. I’d like to say that I want to see him suspended on a bed of hypodermic needles filled with capsaicin, but I’m a little too pacifist for that. I do think we need to take every opportunity to mock him because that’s what really hurts his inflated ego: watching Kent being turned into the Farage Garage and Pisspot by 2nd January will be only the start. Unfortunately I expect the Brexit True Believers will blame Covid-19 for anything which goes badly and all the jobs which will be lost and the prices which will go up, rather than those being an inevitable result of the contradictions of the Little Englander wish list.

  21. davidc1 says

    @26 How about you Rich ,how are you feeling about the approaching poo storm ?
    And i might have mentioned on here before ,i would like to saw our nig’s head off with a rusty hacksaw ,then hire the best surgeon in the land to re attach it ,so i could saw his head off again .
    And it is not just Kent that is being turned into a giant lorry park .Up in Scotland an old disused airfield near Stranraer is being prepared to hold all the lorries that can’t get on the ferries to Ireland .
    And one ferry company in Ireland is going to bypass England altogether ,sailing from Ireland to Dunkirk ,so Irish lorries don’t have to deal with all the added paperwork because of britshit .
    Sniff ,sniff ,sob ,sob .

  22. Louis says

    #24, Hey Chigau! How’s tricks?

    #25, Hmmm who knows better who was being humorous? The person being humorous or the person now making effort to ignore it? So far so Pharyngula. Never change!

    Anyway, fellow Remoaner, we don’t need to fight, I was serious about the Ultra-Hard-Uber-European bit. Okay I was also serious about annoying Farage. He’s like that Brendan O’Neil, omni-wrong. Watch where he points, go the other way. ;-)

    As for tears? Plenty. Too many.

    #26, Hey Rich, COVID might get the blame. The general public, the EU, immigrants, Remainers not “believing enough”, the French, the Germans, the French again for good measure, immigrants again (probably different ones), activist judges/lawyers, weirdy beardy lefties, and millennials are all being teed up as potential Traitors to Brexit. And therefore obviously the reasons for all the ills.

    The fact that the (ultra) Brexitists won the referendum, every meaningful vote in parliament, about 27 general elections it seems (one with a substantial majority) and have held the EU to the final moment by fannying cluelessly about (almost making No Deal, the wet dream of the vulture capitalists, inevitable) seems to escape them.

    My dudes, take the win. You earned it. Own your shit.

    But will they? Will they fuck as like.


  23. davidc1 says

    @28 Well ,if you say you were being humorous ,i will take your word for it ,just as I would take the word of someone who claimed they had been abducted by little green men .HAHA .
    As for the rest ,like you i believe the UK was better off in the EU ,and that twat faced git camaron should be hung drawn ,and quartered for putting the bastard tory party first ,and the UK second .
    Yes ,the britshitters do like to blame anyone but themselves for the coming crapstorm .Project Fear as they like to call it , is turning into Project it is all you remoaners fault ,plus that Corbyn. Anyone but themselves .

    You mentioned lefties ,the amount of times i have told britshitters than britshit cut across party lines .I had to stop in the end ,life is too short ,and i got a weeks ban from faceache for doing so.

    Anyhow ,stay safe you humourless remoaner you .