Can we be done now?

The electoral college has met, and Biden is now officially and without a doubt the president elect (not that it’s been seriously in questions since the election). There has been no surprising defection of electors. The court cases have all gone down in flames. We ought to be done.

Who believes the delusional narcissist will now concede?


  1. weylguy says

    And now AG Bill Barr is leaving. Hopefully someone in the Trump family has a law degree, as he/she will be a shoo-in.

  2. PaulBC says

    Little Shit Stephen Miller was going to send up a super-secret alternate slate of electors to overrule it. Guess he’s pretty desperate to keep his cushy job.

    I expect many more “creative” solutions to come.

  3. chrislawson says

    I like to think the deluded narcissist will now concede, but then I may be a deluded optimist.

  4. PaulBC says

    For those who believe six impossible things before breakfast, it’s just a warm up exercise to keeping saying “Up is down. Black is white.” for six weeks straight.

    I see no end in sight. This “election challenge” will continue well into the Biden administration and beyond. The only thing that will make a practical difference at this point is the Georgia special election.

    I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

  5. says

    @1 weylguy
    The AG of Texas has a law degree and he still doesn’t know how laws work. I’m starting to think law school is over rated.

  6. says

    Petulant and selfish children sometimes destroy toys rather than be forced to share them. Attention starved and narcissitic people as well. He’s both.

    I wouldn’t put it past Cheetolini to do something rash or criminal on his way out the door, like ordering a weapons strike on some random or specific country.

  7. says

    Nah, he’ll still be holding out for the congressional challenges when the votes are officially counted before the assembled Congress. Not that I expect any changes – it apparently takes both sides of Congress to deny any states their electoral votes, and the House certainly won’t vote to do so. But the circus is bound to continue then. And he’ll never concede. He’s mentally incapable of it. (Well, mentally incapable. Period.) He will continue to declare it was stolen from him all the way through Inauguration Day and beyond – likely up to and through the 2024 election (which, I hope, he’ll be unable to be part of due to an ongoing felony imprisonment).

  8. whheydt says

    The Wisconsin slate for Trump apparently cast votes in hopes of either court win (there are still a couple of Federal cases pending) or that Congress will decide to count their votes.

  9. robro says

    As noted more and more, including by some prominent Republican congressmen, the grifting is good and easy so there’s little chance he’ll stop squeaking about the “stolen” election as long as the money is rolling in. I’ve heard that he’s raised $250 million on this game. That’s a lot of patsies gleefully paying his bills.

  10. garnetstar says

    Don’t know what Trump the Great and Powerful will get up to, but something destructive. And, he will call for violence at some point.

    But, no, the election isn’t over. The spineless House Republicans can challenge the electoral votes of every state, and if there’s an equally despicable senator to agree, the house and senate have to withdraw to separate sessions to “discuss” every state. For no more than two hours, but, the republicans will fill that up with the most foully delusional and empty ranting drivel that you’ve ever heard. For each state: all 50, if they feel like it.

    Then, the state’s vote as given are accepted.

    So, get ready for hours and hours of the deepest hypocritical over-the-top ranting, grinding on and on and on, from some of the most stupid and evil people that our country has ever produced, which will change nothing at all. It’ll be especially awful and sycophantic and ranting that this election is undermining democracy if the demcratic candidates in Georgia happen to win the day before.

  11. captainjack says

    I agree. Trump’s chances are as dead as Stephen Miller’s eyes, but they’ll bang on as long as they can.

  12. says

    From Axios today:
    Another source said that Trump seems depressed at the realization that his backers have given up on 2020: “He’s saying, ‘We won these states, we won those states,'” and adding that what he took away from conversations with his pollster John McLaughlin was that if he could get as many votes as he did, he also must have won.

    He’s doing four of the five stages of grief all at one. What a multitasker.

  13. ORigel says

    Soon we’ll be under global martial law and the Bidens will be behind bars for the laptop of child pr0n (or whatever’s supposed to be in the laptop), so it doesn’t matter. Long live God-Emperor Trump! /sarc

  14. azpaul3 says

    Keep in mind, folks, The EC’s vote result is not official until the congress says so. There is still plenty of time for El Cheeto to fuck things up royal. Won’t change the vote or Jan 20 but his tenacious paranoia still has the lust … and the power … to hurt everyone. Which now includes the whole nation.

    Except the alt-reich wing. El Cheeto loves him some good backwoods nazis.

  15. lotharloo says

    Guys, remember that he is making money off this fraud claim and off his stupid supporters. Why should he give up? It is also tying up republicans to his base and keeping it the Trump party. He will try to keep this going for 4 more years so he can run again.

  16. voidhawk says

    #17 lotharloo

    Exactly. This was never a serious effort to overturn the election. It’s a grift and has been from the start.

  17. davidc1 says

    You amuricans are barking mad to think up a system ,even it was 200odd ,very odd years ago .
    Why don’t you just split up into 50 small countries ,or two countries ,barking mad batshitcrazy wackaloons in one country
    and another country for those of you who are not barking mad batshitcrazy wackaloons ,or not as barking mad batshitcrazy
    wackaloons as the others .

  18. says

    Why won’t he concede? There is always the grift, but mainly the biggest (bigglyest?) insult in the Trump lexicon is “Looser” and by conceding he would be admitting the he is a looser,

  19. PaulBC says

    Mitch McConnell just acknowledged Biden’s win. I don’t expect that to end anything, but it makes it harder for Trump to contest, and should make it more likely for other Republicans to accept reality.

  20. whheydt says

    Re: PaulBC @ #22…
    And….by reports, McConnell (and the rest of the Republican Senate “leadership”) has asked everyone in their caucus to not challenge any state electoral votes.

  21. bionichips says

    Initially I thought at last McConnel had found a bottom by acknowledging Biden’s win but apparently the reason is that he did not want R senators to be on record as supporting trump or supporting democracy (and hence not trump). He knows he cannot win so best to have no one on record.

    Awful thought occurs to me – 2018 – trump had both the house and the senate. What happens if congress refuses to certify a Democratic president win? In the past this would have been unthinkable – but today?