Waiting for that FULL GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW to kick in

We’ve got a QAnon prediction here, everyone. It didn’t happen yesterday, so I guess that means today is the day when Trump will trigger the US military to take over the planet, for the internet, phones, and TV to be shut down, and for the trials to begin.

I’m really curious to see what RE-WIRING of Planet Earth entails.


  1. expat says

    Aren’t these the same assholes that are freaked out about ‘globalists’ and the supposed “new world order”?

  2. KG says

    BTW, I thought we were the ones planning to institute a One World Guvmint! Don’t tell me George Soros and Donald Trump have been in league all along!

  3. raven says

    I really wish the Biden administration would out Qanon’s real name and background.

    They should have the ability.
    In fact, it should be trivial.
    We do have all the alphabet agencies, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DI, etc.. with billions of dollars budgets and extensive cybersecurity and computer capabilities.
    They did manage to take down the Silk Road dark net website.
    Qanon are at least guilty of slander and libel.

    Reports for what they are worth is that Q is an American pig farmer living in the Philippines who runs child porn sites on the side.

  4. raven says

    Their are reptiloids involved, for starters.

    So, what is the problem here?
    I really wish the human supremacist bigots would stop picking on the UFO Reptilian Shapeshifters.

    Lizard People’s Lives Matter!!!

  5. says

    Because of their obsession with the word storm some of the Q crowd were all excited recently when the 82nd Airborne Division’s Facebook page mentioned they were preparing for Operation Devil Storm. But a quick look on Google reveals that Operation Devil Storm is a training exercise held yearly.

  6. zetopan says

    Considering “Q”‘s previous prediction accuracy rates this prediction has a Z.E.R.O chance of being even remotely accurate.
    Of course they could always cover this failure by claiming that it was 100% (or even higher) accurate in the ethereal plane, where they apparently keep their single shared tiny brain. For moronic true believers, Ramtha works in mysterious ways.

  7. brucegee1962 says

    My favorite bit is “all Global militaries via US military.” I assume the world’s militaries are also the “they” who will be removing and arresting “Governments Worldwide.”
    So apparently our military can now give orders to the militaries of all other nations, rather than their own governments. Apparently we don’t actually need to fight wars to conquer the rest of the world anymore — who knew?

  8. PaulBC says


    Nah, I know what’s really happening. Q is letting Biden get inaugurated and enter the White House to give him just enough rope. After that, it’ll all be clear. Benghazi, Solyndra, Hunter, Ukraine, Obamagate. It is a long and devious game of n-dimensional tetris. Once that last piece goes in, BOOM!

  9. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin suspects RE-WIRING of Planet Earth is a garbled reference to the Earth’s orbit being switched onto a new track, as happens once a year (and explains all the noise and shaking on 1st Jan… well, all that which isn’t explained by all the empty casks…). Occasionally the process does go a bit awry, e.g., They™ still haven’t even found the correct track for 2020 yet… the emergency use of a some rusting old wooden track left over from the Middle Ages possibly explains this last year’s outbreaks of medieval plagues and mindsets, especially when you remember wood doesn’t normally rust… (I think she’s been sampling the very ripe Stilton, etc., again.)

  10. daved says

    It’s tough enough just to rewire the basement. Rewiring the entire planet, oy, can’t even imagine the headaches.

  11. KG says

    From your link:

    Some NESARA supporters also make the claim that otherworldly beings are working to get NESARA announced. These include a “channeled” cosmic being called “Hatonn”[26] (an android Pleiadean), and another named Sananda.

    I’m disappointed that the second “channeled cosmic being” is not named “Hatofff”.

  12. PaulBC says

    daved@15 I doubt they’ll do it to code, and I’m sure they’ll accuse me of being Deep State if I suggest they employ a qualified electrician.

  13. daved says

    PaulBC@18, That’s an excellent point. In fact, they’ll try to rewire it themselves, probably electrocute themselves, and then blame it on Antifa and George Soros.

  14. captainjack says

    Well, Qanon folks sure do got their wires crossed up. It’d be fun to plug them into reality and watch them short out. Where’s that damn socket!!??

  15. says

    “Simon says ‘punch yourself in the face’!!
    Next: ‘poke yourself in the eye’!!
    Ha! Simon didn’t say!
    Simon says ‘kick yourself in the crotch’!”

  16. says

    Raven: It’s my understanding that QAnon isn’t a person, but a group effort. There was a time on the Chan boards when anyone who knew a certain code could post at QAnon. There might be one person who makes the posts now, but there are others who promote them and maybe suggest post ideas.

    Also, this prediction is too specific. Should have been: “The storm is approaching and the military stands at ready around the globe. Look for the number 9. Run from Absalom to Moses! The Moon will tell!”

  17. numerobis says

    Montreal could benefit from a good rewiring. We suffer a lot of electrical fires due to electricity having been installed in the early 20th century and not replaced since.

  18. raven says

    Raven: It’s my understanding that QAnon isn’t a person, but a group effort.

    That seems likely these days.
    Which really is a good way to wreck the whole thing as the Qanon trolls get overrun by…other trolls.

    That still makes outing them a good idea. Instead of outing one, out them all.
    It also means it becomes a lot easier.
    Most people don’t have the computer skills to hide from the NSA or FBI.

  19. garnetstar says

    @8, that’s true. In all of history, when some leader predicted the date of the apocalypse and was wrong, his followers still believed in him and kept following. (I was on a coral atoll off Belize on the last predicted date, and I thought that would be a pretty good place to be to watch the drama unfold. Just sit on the beach and drink cocktails until the fire and destruction got to me.)

    And, @22, you are correct. If this is actually the Q who got this going and has kept it up, I can only think that he/they is/are tired of it, and want to end it by making lots of specific predictions that will be proved wrong, so that the followers will stop. As was said, a vain hope.

    But, it doesn’t sound like the usual enigmatic Q.

  20. dudev says

    “Global martial law” and “Removing governments worldwide”? I guess the author of this fantastical scenario thinks foreign peoples will just roll over when their rights and votes are stolen from them. According to UK polls, only 15% of Brits back Trump and not a single constituency would vote for him. Most of Europe shares those feelings. Me thinks the Q hasn’t thought through their cunning plan.

  21. lumipuna says

    These Q people get so exited about proceedings that supposedly aren’t their business anyhow.

    Thinking inside the universe, why is Q leaking this information in the first place? I gather it’s because “the public needs to be prepared for the revelations”, to minimize the societal disruption when the trap is sprung, shit hits the fan etc. Heck, maybe this social media outreach is even part of Q’s secret government job.

    Then, random people who feel they get the message can explain it to each other and volunteer to be amplifiers to the broader public, just for the joy of knowing something important others don’t. Some find they can personally engage in detective work to help the authorities and NGOs who fight against child sex trafficking etc. Some feel they need to prepare to defend themselves and their families. A few might feel they need to volunteer as action movie soldiers/police officers.

    The operations are supposedly secret, but apparently this kind of grass root info campaign doesn’t risk seriously compromising anything. Probably, based on their own social circles, these Q messengers think half the world gets the message already. That must be a good thing, because the revelation is now imminent, as it has always been.

    I wonder, what is supposed happen when it’s all done and dusted? Probably, many of them believe we will all ascend to some higher level of consciousness, and life will never be ordinary again. Others perhaps haven’t really thought about it, or presume that being proven right will bring them inner fulfillment and social respect for the rest of their lives. In reality, even if some super dramatic prediction did come true, they’d immediately start predicting a sequel for it. They live for the anticipation, so they will not and cannot ever accept a “that’s all, folks”.

  22. davidc1 says

    Well I for one would welcome someone removing that twat faced johnson and the rest of his twat faced govt from the UK .
    PS ,any of you Americans got any nice respectable rich sisters i could marry ,and become an American ?

  23. komarov says

    Well then, secure everything and get ready for… hang on. This thing is started by Trump sending presidential messages. Might as well have scheduled it for the first western sunrise or Decober the Ninetytwolfth.

    Mind you, if the US military really can order all the other militaries around that would finally explain their budget. Bribes of that magnitude aren’t cheap and neither are mercenaries.

  24. wzrd1 says

    Great, a world to rewire and I can’t find the cable stretcher.
    Worse, they’re, yet again, not planning and coordinating and scheduling emergencies 90 days in advance. Heads are gonna roll, I tell you!

    ALCON: Operations are canceled due to lack of interest and a lackadaisical response. That is all.

    Now, whereinhell is that cable stretcher?

  25. blf says

    @29, On the world: That presumes hair furor, his dalekocrazy†, and his cult followers, realise the Earth is large, and consists of more than USAland, the weird places like Canmexfrjapuk, and a bunch of sand-covered jungles where nobody speaks American. Canmexfrjapuk may whine a lot, but they don’t count as they didn’t vote for hair furor and owe him lots of money for Nato, Covid-19, and golf courses. You can’t build a golf course in a sandungle, who also didn’t vote for hair furor, and besides must own him money for something, so they also don’t count. Doubly don’t count, as some of them have a brown- or black-skinned person as an (obviously fake) “President”.

    End result is a presidential decree and martial law for all the areas which count is feasible, especially for an exceptional place with the guts to elect hair furor.

    There’s been a number of hilarious maps drawn over the years as to how, e.g., hair furor, imagines the world. One example, The world according to Donald Trump is the saddest map you’ll see (2016).

      †  dalekocrazy was originally an accidental misspelling of dalekocracy, “rule by Daleks”.

  26. raven says

    Thinking inside the universe, why is Q leaking this information in the first place?

    You are over analyzing this.
    They are just trolls being…trolls.
    Some of it is christofascist GOPers with a political agenda who hate Democrats and anyone not cis het fundie xian white.

  27. jrkrideau says

    @ 31 blf
    , The world according to Donald Trump
    The real worry is how many of his fellow citizens see the world in the same way?

  28. zetopan says

    “I don’t have my new KVM switch yet!”
    The good news is that I have an old one that you can have. The bad news is that it died years ago and analog monitors are no longer being sold.

    “Me thinks the Q hasn’t thought through their cunning plan.”
    Just as I thought, Blackadder is actually Q! That also explains their stunning success rate.

  29. Larry says


    I was thinking along those same lines. Whomever wrote this had to have been experiencing a tingling sensation down in their nether regions.

  30. lucifersbike says

    @davidrc1. I think you’d be safer, if colder, with a Canadian visa. Although I sometimes dream of a scaffold in Whitehall, I think the most fitting punishment for Johnson and his ghastly crew is to take all their money away and ignore them completely.