America’s Mayor, everyone!

Creepy Uncle Rudy is nuts.

I’m convinced. I didn’t vote for Hunter Biden, fortunately, and think presidents shouldn’t be promoting their unqualified relatives to positions of high influence and power. That would be bad. Maybe they shouldn’t ask raving loonies to work on their re-election campaigns.


  1. Rich Woods says

    The really sad thing is that there are people who will swallow this bullshit without question.

  2. robro says

    I can’t listen, but his body language…whoa! He takes off his glasses, leans in, gets very stern, emphatic head bob, and then…bangs the desk. I’m convinced. Another bad TV reality actor as politician.

  3. wzrd1 says

    I find the name dropping interesting, as Rudy had extensive dealings with most of those individuals.
    Perhaps he should sign himself into prison, since his lawyerly view is that is how our penal system operates.
    Until then, anyone for New York want to ask the NY Bar Association their opinion on their peers views?

  4. Allison says

    The claim that he “led NYC through 9/11” would have outraged me, if I hadn’t burned up all my outrage on worse stuff.

    Nobody was “leading” NYC during 9/11. For one thing, the command center was cut off by the attacks right at the beginning (the “command center” was in a building right next to the WTC.) Basically, each group — police, fire companies, etc. — pretty much did what seemed necessary at the time. Nobody had a clear picture of what was going on until it was all over. They didn’t get any “leadership” from the city government, which is just as well, as it would have been hours or days too late and blatantly wrong as well. NYC functions in large part in spite of its “leadership” rather than because of it.

    Giuliani was simply doing what he does best: taking credit for popular stuff other people did and shoving the blame for his bad stuff on other people.

    Giuliani was also responsible for a lot of the racist police policies, including “stop and frisk,” which was finally ruled unconstitutional, and which did not reduce crime — it mostly drove an even bigger wedge between the African-American community in NYC and the police.

    It’s no wonder he and Trump are bosom buddies — they’re both amoral, lying, arrogant, racist bullies.

  5. brightmoon says

    I was shocked at his behavior while mayor . I wasn’t living in the city then but I would have voted for him . Ended up being glad I no longer lived there and wasn’t eligible to vote there.

  6. says

    “Evidence? Didn’t you see me pointing at this file I’m not letting you read? What more will it take?”

  7. mrquotidian says

    What makes this all so much more depressing is that some version of the Hunter Biden nepotism scandal is likely true.. but not the crazy one Rudy is peddling. I mean, it’s bad enough that Hunter was employed by this Ukrainian company.. That kind of thing should disqualify a candidate from office. IMO Joe should never have run – we’re all worse for it. But what options do we have? I’ll grudgingly take the nepotistic Bidens over the alternative, but I will not defend him as a decent candidate or one who stands for the things I believe.

  8. Rich Woods says

    I want to know exactly how the evidentiary documents lost by DHL fit in with this.

    (Alright, I clearly don’t. It’s fucking obvious that Giuliani is lying from beginning to end like a demented weasel with truth issues. His bullshit today is not even consistent with his earlier bullshit claims, not that he cares. It’s almost like he’s getting more desperate by the day as the election looms ever closer.)

  9. DanDare says

    Like many of the demented folks that argue endlessly online he can’t tell the diffetence between a claim and evidence.

  10. unclefrogy says

    I do find it extraordinarily ironic for this orange pot to be calling the kettle black
    uncle frogy

  11. Nemo says


    I mean, it’s bad enough that Hunter was employed by this Ukrainian company.. That kind of thing should disqualify a candidate from office.

    Why? How? Please explain.