Spiders would be more exciting, you know

Tomorrow at 7pm Central I’ll be talking about a dreary subject: atheism. I might have to derail the topic to talk more about spiders, to liven it up.

It might be good. I’m marveling at the fact that he spelled my name correctly. I’m assuming it’s just a fluke, though.


  1. Ridana says

    My guess is fluke, since he doesn’t seem to know how to spell the name of his own show (never heard of it – is it Athiesh or Atheish?).

  2. robro says

    Ridana — You know the 11th Commandment: “i” before “e” except after “c”, or sounded as “a” (ə) as in “neighbor” and “weigh”, or if it’s after “ath” in which case it can be either way. If there’s no god, then there’s no spelling god either.