Gladiatorial games, now open to the public

I’ve got a research student, Ade Atolani, and we’ve been in the lab recently, learning the basics…which mainly involves learning how to configure and aim a camera at a spider, throwing in a few flies, and talking about what’s going on during the bloodthirsty gladiatorial games. Then we do a few things to figure out how to transfer files and upload them to YouTube. Here are a couple of examples, nothing too exciting, but just the ordinary routine of getting a student comfortable with observing spider behavior.

This one is an adult:

This is a month-old juvenile:

Maybe we should start selling tickets to the spectacle? We can’t do betting, though, because the spider always wins.


  1. davidc1 says

    The Doc wrote ” We can’t do betting, though, because the spider always wins.”
    I have a pet Spider hunting wasp ,maybe we could arrange a play day ?
    Rubs hands ,and gives a evil chuckle .
    Many years ago i was sitting in a Shropshire Copse ,watching and listening to the natural world going about
    it’s business ,i looked to see where i was going to place my hand ,and there was a little wasp dragging something off .
    Forget if it was a spider or a catapillar .