#InverteFest is coming

This weekend! If you’re wondering what Invertefest is, it’s an excuse to crawl around and get on your knees and get dirty rummaging around your house and yard and the park, looking for all kinds of miscellaneous invertebrates. If you’re on the coast, get out to the beach! The whole point is just to notice all the bugs and spiders and jelly fish and worms and beetles and grubs and flies that surround you. The instructions:

  1. Find invertebrates. This can be in your basement, your yard, the local park, the beach, an alley or anywhere near where you live.
  2. Share observations. Share photos, videos or art of your discoveries on Twitter using the hashtag #invertefest.
  3. Interact. Search the #invertefest hashtag for tweets and share, comment and learn.
  4. Bonus – citizen science. To contribute your observations for science, upload your photos to iNaturalist.

Huh. I do all that all the time already. I guess I’ll just do it more this weekend.


  1. bcwebb says

    Sheesh, I had almost all my furniture upside down before I read your definition of InverteFest.

  2. G Pierce says

    Yay! I love this idea and I just got an iNaturalist account this weekend. (and followed you) I will encourage my aunt who also loves invertebrates. When I finally get myself out of the house each day, i am always encouraged that my messy native plants have so many interesting flying things on them. It brings me joy. I encourage people to join the Xerces Society. https://xerces.org/ I learned of them at an annual pollinator and native plant conference. So scary what is going on with insects, but we can all help in little ways.

  3. chrislawson says

    If want to find really huge invertebrates*, check out the Senate. <boom-tish!>

    *my apologies to invertebrates

  4. magistramarla says

    I didn’t have to go far. Walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth this morning and I was greeted by a lovely Daddy-Long-Legs who was sitting in the sink. He seemed to be stuck there, so my husband used a paper towel to give him something to climb, then lowered it to the floor and encouraged the spider to go under the cabinet. I’m sure that he/she will find food under there.
    I also took a picture of a lovely web out on the patio this morning. We have wildfires raging fairly nearby here in California, so the web was easy to spot because of all of the particles of ash that are caught in it. I wish that we could upload pictures here!