Gun-fondlers reach a new low

There exists a real group of gun nuts who virtue-signal to each other by posting photos of themselves holding guns to their crotches — loaded guns. I’m not sure why. It seems to violate basic principles of gun safety, for one thing.

The predictable event has occurred: one of these happy-go-lucky twits has shot himself in the testicles. Before you read the link, ask yourself what lesson the gun-ballers should take from this, and how the other participants in the “game” should respond. If you want to guess right, begin by assuming these people are already colossal idiots.

Yes. They made the victim of the self-inflicted wound the president of the group. After all, he shot himself in the balls with a .45, so he’s clearly presidential material. Very American. I am so proud to be a member of this species.


  1. JoeBuddha says

    Anyone who understands guns, understands there’s no “seems to” about it. It flat out violates gun safety rules.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Sigh… I grew up steeped in America’s gun culture. Most of my family are hunters. Many of them are ex-military. I learned to shoot a BB-gun at 7, graduated to .22 LR by 10, was learning to shoot trap by 12, and taking hunter safety course at 14.The first rule that was drilled into my head by my father and my other shooting instructors was DO NOT POINT YOUR FIREARM AT ANYTHING YOU DON’T INTEND TO SHOOT! BE CONSCIOUS OF WHERE THE MUZZLE OF YOUR WEAPON IS POINTING AT ALL TIMES!!! This was also followed by KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF OF THE TRIGGER AND OUT OF THE TRIGGER GUARD UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE!

    My only explanation for this moronic behavior is a combination of pro-gun defiance and toxic masculinity: “Look prog-tards! You wimps keep sayin that guns are too dangerous for us red-blooded PATRIOTS to own! Well lookie here, snowflakes! Guns are so safe that I’m willing to stick the muzzle of my piece against my most precious treasure! SEE! Nothing happe…(BANG!) OH MY GAWD! MY DICK!!!!”

    These idiots are the poster children for the gun confiscation they dread.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    The author of the article linked in the OP wrote an earlier piece on this phenomenon, so I dived a little deeper. It seems that this trend has NOTHING to do with “owning the libs,” but it’s a protest by some of the more boneheaded gun owners who dislike other gun owners praising one another for following gun safety. Apparently they see it as a form of virtue signaling and pointing a loaded gun at their groin with their finger on the trigger as way of insulting them:

    Like with any other fandom, there’s levels to gun culture. In the online gun community there are “normies” and “fudds.” Normies cover a range of people, anyone from a basic handgun owner to the completely uninitiated. Fudds—as in Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd—are the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts. Some fudds hate normies and the way normies talk about guns. Even the normies who know their way around a firearm.

    A chief complaint among fudds is the normie’s devotion to safety, typically manifested as knee-jerk praise of trigger discipline. For the uninitiated, watching trigger discipline refers to the act of keeping your finger off the trigger of a firearm until you’re ready to fire the weapon. It’s a safety basic, along with never pointing a gun at anyone or anything you don’t intend to harm, and always assuming a gun is loaded. Trigger and muzzle discipline will tell you a lot about a person holding a firearm. Typically, if they keep the muzzle away from the camera and their finger off the trigger—even while holding the grip—they know their way around a weapon.

    Inevitably, when some idiot posts a picture of themselves with a firearm, another idiot will jump into the comments to praise or chide the idiot for their trigger discipline. Some fudds hate this.

    “The uninitiated zero in on dumb shit like this because it’s their entire knowledge base. It’s the only thing they understand,” the moderator of the Facebook group “Shit Gun Normos Say,” said in a post. “Congratulating people for keeping their finger in the right place is like congratulating somebody for not wrapping their seatbelt around their neck, or for not shitting their pants in public.”

    To combat this apparent scourge of responsible gun ownership, some fudds have taken to posting pictures of themselves pointing allegedly loaded weapons at their own dicks, with their finger on the trigger. If this doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone. The trend is around a year old, and it’s an issue gun groups—especially those on Facebook—have been dealing with for a while.

    So, the reason is something even dumber than some MAGA-twit trying to “own the libs.”

  4. StonedRanger says

    Ive seen one person shoot themselves in the scrotum on camera on tiny chat and saw one guy who liked to get drunk and put a loaded gun in his mouth. You guessed it, he shot himself in the face. All this happened online and live. Stupid is as stupid does. I cant give it anymore than that.

  5. PaulBC says

    Sounds like a well-regulated Militia to me.

    “Owning the libs, being necessary for Freedom™ and shit, the Right of the People to point guns at their Own Testicles shall not be infringed.”

  6. erichoug says

    There are definitely some people who should not own guns. Anyone that does this is at the top of the list.

  7. asclepias says

    Seconding Akira @4, though I haven’t done as much shooting as he has. My sisters and I knew about the rules of gun safety long before we ever shot one. Hell, when I was 4 I was cautioning a friend against playing with Dad’s arrows (she and her parents were helping us move–predictable result was that she cut herself). Dad never had the “do not play with these, they are dangerous” talk with any of us that I can recall. We already knew that from all the dead ducks that came through the house. IMO, whoever is dumb enough to do this deserves exactly what he gets.

  8. bcwebb says

    This seems like a dangerous sexual kink, a mixture of exhibitionism and masochism. Danger and the risk of self mutilation is the point.

  9. jenorafeuer says

    My family didn’t do a lot of hunting, but I grew up in tiny places like ‘100 Mile House’. Yes, I was taken out into the woods and taught how to shoot soup cans off of fence posts with a .177 pellet pistol. My mother used to comment about how the range instructor gave her weird looks trying to figure out what she was doing ‘wrong’ in how she held a rifle. (She was holding it right handed but sighting with her left eye.) Heck, my high school had a shooting range; not entirely surprising given the school dated back to World War I. And this was all in Canada. I learned early on to be very, very respectful of what a gun was capable of.

    Akira @4:
    That description sounds a whole lot like ‘rolling coal’. It’s not so much ‘owning the libs’ (though that’s a part of it): the fundamental thinking seems to be nothing more than ‘You can’t tell me what to do!’ The hatred of ‘the libs’ in most cases is just because the libs are often the ones telling them what to do, but in the case of the ‘fudds’ here, what probably stings is that it’s often other conservatives telling them that they’re idiots.

    Some people just never seem to emotionally advance past the screaming toddler tantrum stage. (See also Trump.)

  10. bodach says

    Akira @8: Thanks for checking the link. I am so tired of being “owned” all the time that it was refreshing to see these people were just idiots.

  11. Mobius says

    Yes. One rule of gun safety is you only point a gun (particularly if it is loaded) at something you intend to shoot.

  12. PaulBC says

    I used the pandemic as an opportunity to binge watch Breaking Bad all the way through and now I’m finishing the second season of Better Call Saul. I like the Mike Ehrmantraut way of always picking the exact weapon for the job, though I realize it’s also glorifying violence to gush over his workmanlike approach. It’s still a refreshing change over idiots spraying bullets.

    I have never had the slightest use for a gun in my life. (I grew up around deer hunters and adjacent to a small farmer who shot groundhogs sometimes, but it wasn’t something my family did.)

  13. evodevo says

    Well, we here in rural Ky just had an incident of this a week ago – old guy who didn’t survive. I don’t think he was a dick shooter, but the idiot (who was a customer on my mail route who musta weighed 350 at least) had an automatic wrapped up in a Tshirt in his truck, and somehow managed to shoot himself in the thigh. He hit the femoral artery, and while there were people there, it was way out in the boonies and by the time the ambulance got there he was pretty well bled out. He died a day or so later in the hospital. You can never convince a redneck or a gun nut that they don’t know everything…

  14. brucej says

    Well, crap, as it turns out I did not have “Guy Who Intentionally Aims His Gun At HIs Own Dick Blows His Balls Off” on my 2020 Bingo Card….

  15. blf says

    Remind me again why we tolerate these dangerous chucklefucks?

    Because they have the backing of the gestapo, the policegoons, and their tanks.

  16. bionichips says

    I actually thought NOBODY could be that stupid and surely this must be a joke. I did a few seconds research and it popped up – along with other idiots shooting the themselves in an area that is most unpleasant to think about.

  17. Snidely W says

    From the linked article:

    “[We] are sick and tired of being demonized as gun owners, and looped together with the alt-right just for owning guns,” an admin of Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis told Motherboard in a Facebook message. “We are sick of republicans (think NRA) telling us what to do with our property, and we are sick of being told that just because we like guns It means we have to be anti-woman, pro-life and pro-Trump.”

    So, not your average gun nuts.
    Just a special subset.

    And @ 5 alanuk:
    We can’t be sure, but the article doesn’t say specifically whether he lost his ‘nads or not.
    He would have to to qualify for a Darwin. Either that or die. You got to leave the gene pool.
    But yeah, there should an ‘honorable mention’ or somesuch for such efforts.

  18. microraptor says

    How long until this turns into deliberately looking down the barrel instead of just pointing it at their junk?

  19. hemidactylus says

    Talk about lending new meaning to “gun nuts“. Doubt they are remotely representative of most of the extreme 2nd amendment zealots who cautiously unload their weapons before foreplay.

    Obama should do a PSA funded by Soros pleading gun owners to be responsible and not point loaded weapons at their junk. On second thought ERs are already pushed to the limits dealing with COVID patients. Not the right time.

  20. microraptor says

    Nerd Of Redhead @29: That’s about suicide. I’m talking about just pointing loaded guns at their own heads in order to show off how they love flouting gun safety.

  21. harryblack says

    I live in a country with very restricted gun ownership. A couple of years ago a criminal at a house party trying to show people the best way to execute someone, accidentally shot himself in the head and died.
    Thats without addressing the crimes of passion/suicides committed with legal firearms.
    Every single gun is an opportunity for an accident or a momentary loss of control turning fatal.
    There is no legitimate reason for anyone to have a gun unless you are in immediate danger of being attacked by a large predator.
    In which case- Move.

  22. Kagehi says


    “Congratulating people for keeping their finger in the right place is like congratulating somebody for not wrapping their seat belt around their neck, or for not shitting their pants in public.”

    So.. We should be actually looking for posts by these people in which they manage to do these things as well? Yeah, I said it, but this level of nonsense kind of…

  23. wzrd1 says

    Firearm safety 101. Never point the muzzle of the firearm (the end where thunder, fire and brimstone are emitted) at anything you don’t want to put a large hole into. Always keep your bugger picker off of the bang button (trigger, for those with operational brains).
    Neither rule was observed, indeed, they seem to want to shoot themselves in the gonads, to which I simply say, well, population pressure won’t be a problem with this crowd and some really, really skillful folks will sever their femoral artery and bleed out in around 90 seconds. So, no great loss in either event and they deserve what they tried to achieve.
    Because, there are precisely three chances that I’d ever point a firearm at my own genitals, slim chance, fat chance and no chance.
    At another person, if they’re armed, I’ll aim for their nuclear warhead. They’re very, very delicate and easy to break. ;)
    No, not even then. I have a hunting rifle and competition pistol and rifle for precision marksmanship competitions for cash prize, so I’m not going to add wear and tear on such expensive weapons. I’ll rely upon my primary security method: Strong doors, good locks and multiple ways in which to summon law enforcement, backed up with my bowling ball. If they get inside, they’re getting bowled. And maybe a kitchen full of rakes.
    Because, anyone breaking into my house is an idiot, I don’t have much of liquid value, don’t keep cash on hand and my cards are secured with my competition pistol that I mentioned above, which is secured in a firearms safe with my rifles. Given the small number of firearms, the safe is fairly small and was easily concealed.

  24. lochaber says

    I don’t even know what to say…
    Stupid is as stupid does?
    Play dumb games, win dumb prizes?
    Some variant of “No Brains, No Headache?”

    Firearm safety is one of the few things I thought the military was good at. And mostly because you had an overabundance of NCOs looking for a reason to jump down someone’s throat, and because asking a bunch of dumb teens and twenties to carry around assault rifles 24/7 gives those aforementioned NCOs an overabundance of material…

    I guess I’m just glad that at least in this one, very narrow, very specific instance, they aren’t likely to injure someone else with their idiocy.

  25. whheydt says

    As for the various comments about pointing a gun at ones own head… I recall a few years ago an actor on a set point a gun at his head (knowing the gun was loaded…with blanks) and pulled the trigger. The padding of the blank quite easily penetrated his skull and killed him.

  26. wzrd1 says

    Yep, blanks have wadding to hold the powder in, even if they’re crimped and coated with a bit of plastic on the end. As mentioned, Brandon Lee was fooling around with a pistol that was loaded with blanks. He placed it in contact with his temple and fired, the wadding penetrated his brain – along with burning smokeless powder.

    I had a soldier burn his thumb with a blank that was fired out of his issue M16. To avoid any other idiotic tomfoolery, which only generates more paperwork for me to complete, well, he had a hell of a lot of additional things to do to avoid boredom. Not a single man in the battalion screwed around with their rifles again.
    We also had the occasional service member that gets powder burns during a war game, due to the blanks being fired at close range – despite having a blank firing adapter installed, as there’s a vent hole in the adaptor to prevent an explosion from trapped gas.

  27. hemidactylus says

    It was so sad for Brandon Lee to die so stupidly. That was an amazing movie that hasn’t lost much if anything with passage of time since. It was so dark (noir?) and the music, from The Cure to Pantera still kicks ass. Saw it about a year ago again on TV.

    According to the wikipedia a dummy bullet had lodged in the barrel before a blank was later fired and the bullet entered Lee’s abdomen.'s_death