Gonna find some virtual spiders in an hour or so

Reminder: I’m streaming a Minecraft session in about an hour. Or you could tune in to Jackson Wheat at about the same time and watch him wrassle with a creationist. I don’t know which would be more fun.


  1. jaredcormier says

    Minecraft, there’s a chance to see something new watching someone else play minecraft.

  2. says

    Just set up a client for 1.13.1 and see that I’m still allowed access to the Sitosis server. So, it looks like they haven’t cleared out the roster in quite a while. I joined probably more than 5 years ago.

    It’d be fun to get a group from here playing. You might even consider setting up a Discord channel for voice.

    Would also be nice to get up to the most recent version and a fresh map.

  3. lunabasch says

    I used to play on Sitosis back in 2017-2018! I’d be interested in playing there again if it were to update with a new map on 1.16.2.