Spider search…accomplished!

I went all around my house, looking high and low for spiders. The good news is that my house is covered with spider food. Gnats, flies, skeeters, bugs of all sort clinging to the fences and walls and window screens. The predators can’t be far behind!

If I were a spider, I’d want to be here, pigging out on the deliciousness.

And the spiders are here! The first spiders I’ve seen outdoors this spring!

I found a half dozen Salticus scenicus scampering about, looking fit and healthy — maybe too healthy, because they were zooming around at high speed, making it difficult to take pictures of them. I took a few, anyway, and posted them on my Patreon page and Instagram.

The game is afoot! Spider season is upon us!


  1. lemiserable says

    The transgendrr revolution is over!! We are victorious! The cis domination has been lifted and we are free to go on our way!!

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    WHEN will the BOOMER who runs this blog admit that he is culpable in the oppression of trans people?

    WHEN will the BOOMER who runs this blog feed the poor in Minnesota with his boomer money and stop wasting time here pissing into the wind?

    As a MtF with schizophrenia (medicated and under control) I have felt the burden my whole life.

    I will vote for Bernie no matter what. If Bernie is dead I will vote Yang. If Yang succumbs to COVID-19 I will write in PZ Myers. He has raped noone. BUT ONLY IF HE ADMITS BIDEN IS A RAPIST ENTITLED TO WOMEN’S BODIES. You can watch the videos, it is there for all to see. See how he slithers like an octopus!

  2. says

    lemiserable has my sympathy, but that off-topic rant has earned her a ban. You know I really detest Biden, right? The last person I wanted to see win the Democratic nomination was Bloomberg, but Biden was second worst, so it’s a bit weird to be told I should quit being so nice to him. Also I would love to feed the poor, except that I’m sitting under the cloud of great legal debt. Maybe she should go harangue Richard Carrier?