Can I quarantine myself in Queensland?

They’ve got spectacular spiders there. The Queensland Museum is closed to visitors now, but they’ve started this program called #couchcurators where the people make videos about what they’re doing. This one features Caitlin Henderson and her spider expertise.

I am so jealous. It’s not quite hammock weather here in Minnesota yet, but it is gradually warming up. We also have almost no spiders yet, except for the pholcid swarm that is scheming down in the basement. I am planning to do a spider walk around the house and yard today, though, not that I expect to find much, too cold. It’s even in my daily to-do list: “12:00 — search for spiders.”

By the way, that’s my new thing, getting up and making a list for the day. Everything has become so structureless that I’ve decided to create my own structure, so I get up in the morning and make a schedule for the day, and then I stick to it. Sadly, today my list is mostly repetitive.

1:00 grade
2:00 grade
3:00 grade
4:00 grade

You get the idea. There is a 5:00 student seminar to attend online, and mealtimes (I lay out the menus ahead of time and do not deviate — it’s all too easy to sit here eating all day long), and my 9:50 class, and most importantly, that noon hour dedicated to spiders.


  1. Sean Boyd says

    I know that folks like Caitlyn Henderson know what they’re doing. And I have desensitized quite a bit to seeing spiders, both in person and across the Interwebz. But seeing a spider run around on someone’s hand…I still shudder.

  2. nomadiq says

    You would have to deal with ‘Banana-Benders’ (not really that difficult) but the spider scene is awesome.

  3. gijoel says

    Don’t worry we only have two spiders that could kill you. Admittedly it’s been decades since the last spider related death.