Happy Birthday, Mr Darwin!

Charles Darwin got to stretch his legs a bit today — he’s pretty spry for a 211 year old man. I let him hang out in the hallway outside my office to greet students passing by.

The illustration is by Carl Buell, and you can get your own Chuckie D image.


  1. davidc1 says

    Why does every image i see of chuck show him as an old man? I have a book about evilution and there is a drawing showing him at the age he was when he had arrived home from the Beagle voyage ,he is wearing sneakers .I think the artist was trying to make him appear hip and with it ,so the young could identify with him ,

  2. says

    When I teach Darwin history, I point out to the students that he was a recent graduate of Cambridge when he set out on the Beagle — so about the same age they are.

    I also tell the students I expect them to accomplish as much as he did.

  3. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    Darwin’s face was more appealing as an old man than as a young man. His hairline was receding even at the time of the Beagle voyage, and with the large forehead, he looks pretty geeky. Darwin, the old man, has gravitas.

    You also don’t see many pictures of Lincoln (who shares the same birthday/year) as a young man.

  4. davidc1 says

    Fair points ,can’t believe i called him chuck ,even in fun .Not something we Shropshire lads do .
    Sometimes i wish all that table tapping medium crap was real ,i wonder what he would think of the modern world .
    I bet he would be pleased at the progress in science ,and sad at the way the dead hand of religion still has on the world .