Uh-oh, growing faster than expected

This Patreon thing is taking off — 48 subscribers today. I know that’s small on the scale of the big guns of Patreon, but it’s more than I expected, so now I have to think about satisfying them all, and figuring out how to maintain a body of people who are actually paying me.

I’m planning on putting up the first Patreon science post this weekend. I’m thinking I might make it available to subscribers only at first, and then a few days later post it here. I’m not going to abandon the idea of making science freely available, but might just switch to giving patrons a first look before making it open.

The weekend post will be about mayflies. There has been some interesting new work on mayfly ecology and development — the development story is second nature to me, but the ecological aspects are novel to me and will let me stretch my brain a bit.

I also have to work out some bugs in the Discord channel for patrons.


  1. says

    Patron only sneak peeks is a fairly common method. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting your post on mayflies (but I shall be reading it from a fly fisher’s perspective :) )

    Getting Discord sorted out the way you want it is also a tedious process. It can get complicated and very rabbit-hole-y
    I’m confident you’ll get it where you want it to be in time.

  2. DanDare says

    Is there a way for you to get a permanent link to the Patreon in the banner or sidebar of the blog?