What the hell, Chad?

After Chad and Yara hit it off and mated, I started shuffling Chad off to meet other spider ladies. First up, I paired him with Melisandre.

This morning, I find one live spider and one dead spider. My immediate thought was that the little witch had murdered the male, but no — Chad was fine, it was Melisandre’s corpse that was dangling from a silken thread. This is not right. Chad, you brute. Now I hesitate to move a known domestic abuser to a new cage, the rotten killer. Mate, don’t murder.

I suppose it’s possible Melisandre lost her magic necklace and just died of old age…


  1. Kaintukee Bob says

    Perhaps she tried, and Chad won the fight?

    Maybe make sure Chad’s extremely well-fed just like you do with the ladies before introducing them? Or maybe they just hated each other from the start.

  2. unclefrogy says

    if what I thought is true that spider-lings fought each other and ate the losers in the egg case before emerging is true I would have to say with this story that spiders live a very violent dangerous life.
    uncle frogy

  3. Sengkelat says

    Wait, I thought when the female spider died it meant there’d be zillions of offspring. That’s what I learned from that science documentary “Charlotte’s Web.” Was Melisandre advertising pigs,perchance? Oh, uh, spoilers I guess.