1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    excuse me for relating Colbert’s review of the Goop Lab. The clips he showed tended to focus on the sexual pleasure use of the Goop products. Like teaching women how to masturbate more enjoyable with all the “new agey” [yes, scar quotes for emphasis without embolding] energy mantra etc.
    My impression from Colbert’s review was that the Goop Lab was an insidious way to get soft porn on the air, by wrapping it in this personal enhancement marketing disguise.
    Netflixx isn’t constrained by broadcast censorship rules, so it must be Gwyneth is obsessed with sexual gratification and is trying to justify herself by marketing it to form an informal club of associates.
    — I’m running off the rails, signing out

  2. says

    This is really sad because she is actually extremely talented. She’s done great work and has an Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe deservedly. She is already wealthy and can still be a star and continue making positive contributions to the culture. Her personal relationships have been with serious and thoughtful people. How and why she went off the rails this way is truly mysterious.

  3. microraptor says

    crvantes @2: Just because she’s already rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t want more money. Or to have her ego stroked for promoting this stuff.

  4. Doc Bill says

    I had an acquaintance who was obsessed with “Orgone Rays.” Yep, it’s a thing you can Google. She carried around an Orgone Ray Deflector for protection. It was clear resin ball filled with what looked like Number 9 copper wire clippings, you know, standard old house wiring copper. Totally batty.

  5. hemidactylus says

    @4- Doc Bill
    Thanks. You unlocked a piece of puzzle for me I couldn’t unravel. I had seen this:

    Odd show with even odder subject matter. That led me too:

    And that some chemtrail believing folk use the notion of “orgone” to counteract something made up. People are strange.

    This last week I was struggling to remember the name of the Mr Tachyon show and the associated cloudbusters thing. And here you came along and provided a clue. Coincidence?

  6. ardipithecus says

    An award is one big ego stroke. Her Goopicide products give her th0ousands of smaller ego strokes. Some people need to be fed all the time.

  7. unclefrogy says

    I grew up on Mad magazine and credit it for feeding my basic skepticism still the same
    just more trash to churn. Will it compost?
    uncle frogy