1. microraptor says

    In all honestly, I’m flat out done with Star Wars- Mark Hamill has been retweeting JK Rowling’s transphobic posts. So yeah, had no enthusiasm about Episode 9 to begin with and now I’m outright opposed.

  2. Ed Seedhouse says

    Spoilers are found easily with a google search. Given PZ’s reaction I regard finding the spoilers to be a rational exhibition of contempt.

  3. says

    Please don’t say that. This is starting to scare me. I ended up loving Last Jedi because of how strongly I defended it against the assholes. I need Rise of Skywalker to be good. My brother and I are seeing it this Friday night.

    If Rise of Skywalker is bad, it’s gonna be Batman V Superman all over again. That was a movie I desperately wanted to be good, and still, to this day, I’m fucking livid at Warner Brothers and DC about it (and Justice League). I don’t want that all over again. Especially not for Star Wars, and not for a trilogy I’m determined to love.

    There had to be something worth it in there… anything… please…

  4. methuseus says

    I have to admit I don’t see the trans phobic aspect of the tweet. Does she mean that it’s real that there are only two sexes and trans people don’t really exist?

    If nobody wants to help explain, no big deal. I know I probably don’t do enough or read enough as an ally and will try to do better.

  5. HidariMak says

    The Alien movie ‘Prometheus’ had a score in the 70s on the Rotten Tomatoes website, despite being very stupid, predictable, and not at all scary. So when Rotten Tomatoes only had a rating of 63 for ‘The Last Skywalker’, I figured, no. I’m guessing the wait for it to be available as a digital rental won’t be that long.

  6. says


    More or less yes. What she wrote is interpreted to mean that you can dress as a woman and identify as a woman, but you are still a man.
    Now Rollings herself wasn’t saying that per se. But she was saying that a female writer who had written essentially that should not have been fired.

  7. nomdeplume says

    Surely, the original trilogy was enough? What the hell is wrong with film makers that they keep flogging an original good concept until it is a pile of mouldering shit and everyon hates them?

  8. jimzy says

    nomdeplume @9: I think it’s a death wish thing. See how many remakes they dare to make without being murdered.

  9. microraptor says

    nomdeplume @9: Because they stopped making money off the old movies, so by making new movies (even if the new movies are blatantly the same movie with slightly different characters and a higher special effects budget) they can make more buckets of money.

  10. snark33sian says

    Just dropping in to saying that that transphobe wasn’t fired as such.
    She was an independent contractor who didn’t get her contract renewed for the very obvious reason that she insisted on harrassing trans folk.
    Which , in TERF-fantasyland, makes her the Most Victimized Of All Victimized Victims.
    As you were.

  11. says

    nomdeplume @9: Read a book about writing movies by William Goldman, the guy who wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He explained in detail all the reasons he gave for writing a prequel to that and then he said: But it was really only for the money.

  12. neptis says

    I hope JJ Adams steps on a lot of legos for what he did to Star Trek. And I hope he is not given the opportunity to ruin more perfectly fine SciFi movies. Don’t really care about Star Wars that much, but I would like to see some fresh faces given a chance to realize new ideas along the lines of Annihilation or the Expanse series instead of more fanbro action fests.

  13. says

    You often have to trust your instincts with these kind of things. I didn’t go to see the first Abrams Trek because the two lead actors looked like cosplayers when I saw them on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. So I’ve managed to avoid the series.(Not that I’ve gone to see any movie in a theatre in a long time.)