Ungrateful wretches

Today was a feeding day, and since I’m trying to include some variety in their diet, I gave the spiders mealworms. Nice plump mealworms, conveniently placed directly in their webs.

They all turned up their noses, or what passes for noses, at them. They didn’t exhibit the slightest interest, which was disappointing after their spectacular voraciousness when fed waxworms last week. I don’t know whether it’s that they’re still full, or they just don’t like mealworms, or they’re just being obstreperous. I told them, “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?” and even that left them cold and uncaring.

So no pudding today, ladies.

All right. One spider is nibbling on the delicious meal I prepared. Gilly gets pudding!

The pudding being served today is Jellied Beetle Grub Guts. I hear it’s very popular in England.


  1. Rich Woods says


    Next time they won’t cooperate in your photography be sure to yell “Stand still, will ye!”

  2. numerobis says

    Holy shit those worms are huge (or the spiders tiny).

    I was cleaning behind the appliances this weekend and found a few beauties, one there with her flock. Sadly, no photos.

  3. Snidely W says

    Mealworms look to considerably better armored than waxworms. Also bigger.
    Might be a bit intimidating for a wee spider to crawl about a huge beasty to find a soft spot to get her wee fangs into.

  4. PaulBC says

    Mealworms again???

    Maybe you need to serve them with Stovetop stuffing. (Dating myself here.)

  5. Rumtopf says

    I used to have a resident false widow that loved mealworms; bundled them up and carried them off to her lair. I noticed that she preferred the squishier freshly moulted ones. Here’s a short clip of the false widow female carrying her precious mealworm bundle and getting it snagged on her own web, the silly: https://i.imgur.com/v0yxGIr.mp4