We’re going to have to pay more attention to Nick Fuentes now

It’s painful, but he really is one of the worst of these right-wing monsters. Watch this smug, slimy scumbag execute standard old holocaust denial with a smile on his face.



  1. mrquotidian says

    Wow. It’s telling how his mask slips when he mentions “delousing”.

    Not that this horseshit needs refutation, but a big misunderstanding (willful or not) about the holocaust is the notion that it all took place in death camps. A large number (in the millions) of the victims were killed with bullets by the einsatzgruppen. There’s pictures of it.

  2. unclefrogy says

    I find it really pretty weird that some people seem to be able to doubt the history of things that are still within living memory and of which there are boat loads of physical evidence
    uncle frogy

  3. tororosoba says

    @1 I agree, we don’t have to refute that. But I can’t resist, since it’s so easy. Whoever said there were only 15 ovens? Whoever said that one person was cremated per hour? And as you said, whoever said six million people were cremated? And how does it matter whether smoke could be seen or not?
    This guy is disgusting indeed, making fun of people who witnessed all this and are still alive, and of people whose families were erased.
    Is Fuentes something to pay attention to? Does he have any influence except in the equally disgusting circles that watch this stuff?

  4. kome says

    He sounds like every other right-wing personality, from Tomi Lehren to Ben Shapiro to David Pakman to Milo to Hannity to Pat Robertson. The problem, as I see it, isn’t that he’s particularly horrible, but that he isn’t really all that distinguishable. Same message, mildly different packaging.

  5. DanDare says

    He also ignores the Nazis somewhat meticulous record keeping and all the corroborating civil records.

  6. Martin Lefebvre says

    @7, Do you mean Dave Rubin?

    David Packman seems like the odd person out in that list.

  7. Bruce Fuentes says

    It pains me that the proud Fuentes name is besmirched by this vile POS. People with the name Fuentes have been treated horribly in this country. When my parents moved out of NYC they could not find anyone that would rent to them in Massachusetts. In 1967 we moved to Scranton, PA. My father was openly discriminated against when he was searching for housing. No bank would give them a mortgage and only one person would rent to them. That person never raised the rent in 12 years because we were such good renters.
    Now to see this POS soil our name is heart breaking. I believe his family comes from Mexico. We come from Puerto Rico. Either he is lucky and has never faced the hate and discrimination a lot of Fuentes’ have gone through or he is even more vile and does not care and spits on the memory of his family that did.

  8. KG says

    Somebody check: is Francisco Franco still dead?

    Didn’t you hear? His zombie came third in the recent Spanish election.

  9. George says

    Oh, most of these people know perfectly well that the Holocaust happened. This is just a bunch of lying a-holes saying, “Murder? What murder? I didn’t see no murder…”

  10. christoph says

    @ Akira MacKenzie, # 17: Or Backpfeifengesicht. I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but there’s probably a tutorial on YouTube.

  11. marylinmagdalene says

    Chelmo. Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec.Its as if these fucks think that Auschwitz was the only camp that ever existed and they know nothing about Auschwitz, either. I chose this field of study 30 years ago, never dreaming that it would be relevant again so quickly.. Gitta Sereny’s book about Franz Stangl, commandant of three of the death camps, is called “Into That Darkness” and should be required reading for any Holocaust denying Nazi fuck. I have been reading Pharyngula since Science Blog Days ™, and have stayed pretty quiet but this shit just sickens and enrages me.

  12. marylinmagdalene says

    Thanks, Crip Dyke. That means a lot coming from you. From one disabled LGBTQIA person to another!