Today was supposed to be a feeding day…

But I don’t think my spiders would be able to move. Look at Texanne here; she’s so bloated she’s not going to step out of that corner, I don’t think.

A few others are purging themselves into egg sac construction.

Anyway, I’ll check on them tomorrow, and as soon as they get active again I’ll throw them some more bugs full of ichor. The menu for Monday is mealworms.


  1. gregsneakel says

    Hypothetical Question: A new phone with 8 camera lenses arranged like a spiders eyes is announced. How many hours would you wait in line to be the first to buy it?

  2. says

    I would first look at my budget. I would open my wallet and capture any moths that fluttered out to feed to my spiders.

    Then I would shrug and say my current phone is probably just fine for the next 10 years.